2nd call for participants 20018 / 2ème appel à participants 2018


Sorry, Dakar is participating this, I misunderstood @Adrien !


Hello :slight_smile: and what about Saint Brieuc ? did you had some fresh news ?



Adrien from Dakar.
Museomix will take place at Musée des forces armées in Dakar Plateau.
Tell me what infos is needed for the call.




I received new from Saint-Brieuc this morning and added it to the form in the same time as Dakar.


Hi @Adrien,

For the 2nd call the only thing I need from Dakar is a Google account (Gmail) to give you the access to the results. To send me the information you can use a “message” from my profile.


PS: you can write also in French, I use English only to be more “open”.