Call 2018 for museums & communities


Hello everyone !
Never too late, can we make a point on the call 2018 for museums and communities launched ? I know Museomix Be, Op & IT had officially launched, which community do I miss ? Can you share visuals and links here or by mailing ?
Thanks you :slight_smile:

Hello tout le monde !
Il n’est jamais trop tard, peut-on faire un point sur le call 2018 pour les musées et communautés ? Je sais que Museomix Be, OP & IT ont lancé, ou en sont les autres ? Pouvez-vous partager visuels et liens ici ou par mail ?
Merci !

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On a également diffusé le notre dans leNord, par mail et sur les réseaux sociaux !


Pour Museomix Azur, on a un musée candidat, le musée archéologique de Nice Cimiez.


Super nouvelle ! Bravo :slight_smile:


hello everybody.

we have an emergent Museomix Community in Recife, Brazil. we are intending to organize a Museomix event at the Museu do Homem do Nordeste (Northeastern Man Museum) in 2018. it is an anthropolical museum ruled by the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, an institution of the brazilian federal government.

me and two more colleagues took part in the Museomix Belo Horizonte last year in ordewr to observe and learn about all the necessary arrangements.

I think it is time for validating our intentions, right?


Hello Cristiano,
Such a great news that you joined the community and already have a museum!
We can ask @Marilyne @celia_cbo @cmonnet ?


We met in Recife this summer and we visited the museum, it is a very interesting playground for Museomix. Have you organized new aperomix and feel the community mobilized around the event? Has the financing of the operation started? We were very impressed by your energy in Recife, it will be a great Museomix.
keep in touch


On lance tranquillement sur Saint-Brieuc avec MuseomixOuest. Il y a un retroplanning collectif quelque part ?


Hi! in Spain we’ve launched the call too, hopefully next week we can push it more.