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Bonjour !
Hi everyone,

That’s a great idea ! I like it ! We won’t have students at MuseomixAura, but “Remix workshops” will take place at Lezoux (Museomix Aura) and we’ll definitely have crazy stuff invented by visitors. to share on social media.
Even though it seems more appropriate to use a new hashtag, indeed, so far we have use the #wearemuseomix for people who gets involved within the event or association.
But, I like your idea that getting into a remix challenge, people gets to “enter” / integrate the big community of Museomix ( okay, it sounds a bit cheesy…but we do like people at Museomix !!) , I like this idea very much. Why don’t we combine # ? The # challenge might help to trim pictures from the portraits gallery and these ones.
So let’s go for #wearemuseomix + #challenge : what do you think ?

For the #oclock : let’s vote for 11am / 5pm / 8pm , sounds fine for you, doesn"t it ?


Bonjour Claire ! Hi everyone !
Great, so let’s do it ! I love your idea to have “remix workshop” :slight_smile: Maybe I would use the # museomix instead of wearemuseomix, I’m thinking that maybe it could give more visibility for those who are following the social medias. But we can repost with #wearemuseomix cause yes we do love people :slight_smile:
We will post a message for the #oclock on the social wall in the black middle box on the top.


@samy Hello :slight_smile: un de nos followers a trouvé un lien qui ne fonctionne pas sur le site, c’est sur la page comment fonctionne museomix c’est le lien vers les prototypes qui ne marche pas.


C’est corrigé merci pour le signalement !