Formulaire d'enregistrement des participants 2017 | Registration form 2017


Hey @all, I’m updating the website for the end of participants call.

Please @paula_grg and @Mariana update the website in spanish for you extra time and please share on social media as @Kwandika could share it as well.

Thank you !


Hi @Marilyne, we would like to keep Lausanne open until tomorrow night (3rd October) as well as we are still missing a few key profiles and we are communicating this!


It was done yesterday for This afternoon we’re doing a push in Social Media to let people know about the extension of the inscription period.


@marilyne any chance you can open the form again until tomorrow night as we are still waiting for some applications?
Thank you!


or @juliendorra or anyone else that can do this please?


No problem, but do I open it for every city of just for Lausanne?

is there other cities that would want the recruit a little bit longer?

Edit: Ok it seems many cities want to let the form open, so I reopen it now. If you want your city to be closed/left out please do tell me !!


Hello, I updated the main menu to add the call to participant page for French and English. Do you need German too @tania_jenkins ?


Hi to all!! @Marilyne @juliendorra

The call for museomixers in Brazil ended on saturday (september 30) and tomorrow we’ll make the analisys about the inscriptions.
We would like to know if tho global museomix has receive inscriptions of people interested in museomixar in Brazil.





Great, I hope you had a lot of interested people :slight_smile: Please ask @juliendorra to have access to the answers of the google form.
I you need any help for analysing the answers, let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you



Hello again @juliendorra, @Marilyne

Sorry to botter you again but we will need more days , until 30 october , please for the call of participants open. We have had a lot of problems to reactivate interest in museomix after the 19th september earthquake.

Is it possible ?

Thanks again for your help !


We need it in Spain too. We had our own with the last version of the site. But in the new one, our form has dissapear and we cannot acces to the backoffice yet. So people cannot register.
Thanks a lot,


Je cherche la grille du formulaire de l’appel à participants. Qq’un pour m’envoyer le lien du document de base ?


hello Nicolas,
tu veux le lien vers le formulaire, ou quelque chose de plus complexe ?


@CathBarra les formulaires ne sont plus en ligne et/ou je n’ai pas réussi à y accéder. Je veux juste la liste des questions pour l’inscription pour servir de base pour réfléchir à un formulaire pour tout autre chose. Je ne l’ai pas trouvé ds drive non plus. thx