Inter-Co Bologna 2018


Very much looking forward to cinema ritrovato!


Hello Italian museomix friends, and @Kwandika ! I’d like to share a call for this meeting to the members of IDF community, but I didn’t find such a message on SN. could you help me to find it, or maybe it doesn’t exist yet ?

so soon !



Sure I can :wink: here the fb link on content posted on Museomix community facebook group:

Hope you’ll find it useful :wink:


Please, don’t be shy, fill the form if you’re coming in Bologna… updates soon on the public meeting of the 29th June Friday afternoon >>

@NinaDebail @ClaireJ @jean_pierre_girard @Margot @Mariana


Hi ! I won’t be able to be there with you in Bologna… And it seems nobody from Normandy can be there. :disappointed_relieved:
But I can maybe participate from Normandy, if there is some conf call possible ! If you want some news in live from Normandy, let me know !



More information on the public meeting “Aperture Straordinarie / Special Openings” now published on in English and Italian (but in all languages versions)

please share it! @Sam.Donvil @celia_cbo @lpalli @CathBarra @heleneb

News from Mexico!

Dear All , we are sharing with you the sketched agenda for the Interco meeting in Bologna. We tried to match and include all the suggested topics so to give voice to the community’s needs and priority, please take few minutes to check and suggest if something is missing for you!

Also we are now in the phase of signing in for the slot and topic one is interested in coordinating and presenting, please feel welcome to put your name where you want to help or facilitate the conversation or where you have something to share eventually providing insights and details. Thank you and looking very much forward for welcoming you in Bologna next week!! Chiara


Hello Italy,

I did what I could to come but the agenda of my work prevents me from taking the plane (we have a seminar on Friday and I knew a few days ago that finally I was constraint to go there).
There will be no one to represent the community (I was the last hope :sweat_smile:)

I’m going to watch Sunday what has been proposed for topics etc.
I’m really disappointed that I can not find you next week …

Nevertheless, I will make sure to be reachable by internet to follow the Wiki etc.
during the weekend.

Do not hesitate to contact me for the subjects on which I had registered during the previous interco (mixroom / archiving / communication)

See you soon and good luck !

Nina for Museomix Nord


:’( comme c’est dommage ! mais on pourra tenter de suivre en direct ou léger différé avec le wiki !
what a pity, but we could try to follow your interventions if you follow the exchanges on the wiki, in live or a little bit later…
à bientôt Nina !



hello !
I would purpose to work together on these points :
examine forms and texts to see what is to change inside, and do it (if it is possible, or ask the person who can do it, if it is possible, to do the changes.
create a real “dossier de candidature” to fill for Museums, available on the wiki.
integrate the rétroplannings in the wiki in “organizing a museomix” part : 1) Looking for a museum(ix) 2) looking for museomixers 3) organizing the event
I purpose to discuss about the form to apply and do any changes.
and maybe we could organize hours (one hour two times, depending of the jetlag), to communicate in live through the wiki and maybe viber, or skype… with the communities who couldn’t be there, what do you think about that ? (I purposed that to Mexico Community (@yazmin ) but maybe it could be intersting for Normandie (@Margot), Nord (@NinaDebail), etc…



Hello @CathBarra,

That sounds great! Count on me! Just let me know the day and the hour that works better for you at the meeting.

Technical note: Skype works better for me, thanks!


Hello @CathBarra we schedule the toolkit for organizing Museomix in the afternoon program and insert the topic on website and reformulation of text too. Thanks for the suggestion. We would like to organize 2 different moment for the remote connection: at the opening on the 30th at 10.30 CET we would like to have a general update with all the communities to hear form them. @Mariana @Margot @NinaDebail are you up for this? Second connection should be at 2 pm CET with all the communities organizing Museomix in 2018: this would be important to understand how we can help and what to provide in terms of tools. Who is in for Caen, Lille , Saint-Brieuc and Zagreb ?Can you help me track some referent? Finally for @yazmin @Marcela-Bresil and @gabrielamenag can you connect with us on the 30th at 3 pm CET ? ( I know it would be 8 am for Mexico and Ecuador and 10 am for Brazil…a bit harsh but helpful to let us work on your needs afterwards!) Thanks a lot I wait for your comments…



Not sure yet if I can make it on Saturday at 8am, but I would like to know how to contact you in case I arrive at time!


Hello again!

30th at 3 pm works great for me! :slight_smile: (I mean your 3pm, my 8 am)


Hi all,

I just posted a budget proposal, to be discussed in Bologna, in the channel “En route pour une ONG internationale des communautés”.

Have a nice day,
Jean Pierre


hi Chiara !
as @yazmin said, “it sounds great !” I want to say that maybe the ones who would be far away could follow the Wiki, which would be filled during the meetings !



Hi Chiara,

Museumix MG community is not organizing Museomix this year, so I am not sure how can I help.

let me know.


Hello, I won’t be available this week-end, so I will post here some news from Normandy or ask someone else from the community.


Hi @Marcela-Bresil! we know but we are also having a check with all the communities in the morning, just because of the timezone we proposed you to join the second slot for remote communication…Could you be with us for a quick exchange? that would be great!


Thanks !! this sounds great! can you write your sky account? talk soon :slight_smile: