Museomix Website : update 2017


Hi, @samy!!
Its much better now!!
Thank you


Nina Schweiger asked me to delete the Austria event, she has to cancel it due to a missing partnership.
I don’t have any more access to pages in the new website. @samy could you check my account and give me back access


Can we continue in a private message ?


[UPDATE about the website]
If you have ANY QUESTION about the website please write it down on this framapad

Besides, I’ve started a “tutorial page” about a first topic: How to update the Edition page?
Please let me know if the step by step is clear enough
@Ros @Marilyne @lpalli @CathBarra

Thank you!!!


Hi tutti !
I had not visit for a long time… what a good surprise ! Congratulations to the team who manage it ! It’s a real progress.
I have found the number and places of communities but not the number of remixed museums since the beginning ? Has somebody count it ?
@Marilyne @juliettegiraudpro ?


I have found ! and if I counted well, it is 52 remixed museums.
Just for information : on the top of the page Lieux : there is a title “lieux de l’édition 1” while all the museum are presented.