Museomix Zagreb


Hi there!
I’m contacting you on the behalf of Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace (, as we will be the co-organizers of the first Museomix Zagreb 2018 jointly with our partner Technical Museum Nikola Tesla where the event is set to take place. is also partner in the project Creative Museum / Making Museum where we were introduced into the concept od Museomix by Juliette Giraud. We also took part at the Museomix Nice training in 2015 led by Fabrice Denise, we were at all Creative Museum events so far.

Museomix was also presented in Zagreb by Marilyne Barisic and Margot Frénéa in March 2017 within the program of A/C/T/S Creative Museum conference that gathered 134 participants. Four Radiona members also visited presentation event of Museomix Lyon and Aperomix Museomix Lyon in 2017. We hope this Museomix Zagreb might be a great opportunity inspire Croatia Museums to start organizing Musemix events in their spaces, as well as to inspire the region too.

The social media tools for Museomix Zagreb are already created: Facebook, Twitter.
We haven’t set up yet the visuals, so the pages are not yet for sharing.

I’m here for all further questions by the Museomix community, the same as I will have lots of questions in the future.


Deborah Hustic
Project manager and Curator of Radiona/Zagreb Makerspace


Welcome on board, Deborah. :smiley:

Jean-Marc from Museomix Belgium


Happy to hear this @MuseomixZagreb ! Please let me know if you need anything or have questions, or need a webconf to be introduced to our shared tools and processes.
Please note that there will be an interco meeting beginning of july in Bologna. That would be a great moment for you and croatian community to take part of the coorganization of this year event and meet the other community :slight_smile:



Hello Zagreb!

Tomorrow we are launching the call to participate for Museomix 2018.
We have some urgent questions in order to finalize the online registration form.

  • Should the form be translated into Croatian, or is English sufficient?
  • What are your participation fees (how much do museomixers pay to participate)?
  • Do you need help creating your community page on If you are uncomfortable, I can help you, but I need documents (preferably in English) that showcase your community, your museum, the playgrounds, and so on.

Thanks a lot for your answers,

I wish you a good day,
Nina for Museomix Nord