2nd call for participants 20018 / 2ème appel à participants 2018

Hi to everybody,

The second call for participants is planed from September 1st to September 30th as decided in Lill. I’ll try to manage it with the help of @Marilyne like for the first call.

I need to know from each community organizing a Museomix event in November 2018

  • if they need to be presents in this second call.

If I don’t receive any information from a community their location will not be available on the submission form.

I’ll share with the organizer the result sheet like for the first call but if you need more accesses you can send me your Google Account identifier.

“Unfortunately” I’ll be on vacation between September 24th and October 8th with probably no or poor internet connection (from September 28th I’ll be behind the Chinese great firewall). For any need you can contact @Marilyne who has a full access on the submission form.

Thanks to @NinaDebail, @tristan.hocquet, @tounoki, @MuseomixZagreb, @Margot, @Jean-Marc, @MarionG, @Laurene, @gabrielamenag, @Adrien or others for replay to this message with the information of the event they organize.



Hello Luca,

First of all, many thanks for all the job done. It’s really great.

Yes, I confirm Belgium needs to be present in the second call.

In our community, @phil is the most qualified to give détails about missing profile.

Jean-Marc from MuseomixBE

Hello Luca,

Thanks a lot for all your job.

Actually, i’m on holidays with a poor internet connexion.
We need a second call for museomix azur, but I can tell you wich profiles.
I think @Laurene can answer


Hello @lpalli

Thanks a lot for your job.

We need for second call:
3 communicants
3 graphistes
2 experts contenus
2 makers
6 developpeurs


Hi Lucca

In Ecuador we have just launched our first call with our local google form.

We think it’s ok to be also part of the second global call, in case there’s people from abroad who wants to come.

My gmail address to link the info is m.gabrielamenag@gmail.com, which I use just to manage google drive.

Just in case, I leave you the link to our google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfh7zatj0KX9smMUR8aOAwsUo2m13AaU0M9ebFNt7ON7ZGrww/viewform?pli=1

Enjoy your vacations!!!

Gabriela Mena

Hi @lpalli !

Thanks for your post. In Belgium we need a call for:

  • one maker

  • 2 facilitators

  • 4 coders

  • 1 graphic designer.

Thanks again for your help, let me know if you need something more.

Thanks for the responses.

I’ll unable to indicate the places available in each location, maybe you can communicate about it directly, the form must be more generic…

I still waiting for the others responses :wink:

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Some profiles for the Lille Palais des Beaux Arts edition are missing for Museomix Nord, so we would like to participate in the new call for participants.
Regarding profiles in detail, I asked for a report to the people concerned and I await their feedback.

Thank you for the time you think about the Luca form,

I wish you a good day,
Nina for Museomix Nord

Thanks @lpalli ! Sure I’ll follow the second call with you.

I’ll also update the website :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Hello @lpalli !
As I said in an other discussion thread, in Caen we will need the second call because we lack :

2 makers
1 graphic designer
2 communicators
3 developers
1 content expert

Thank you !


Voilà ce qui m’a été transmis pour Museomix Nord

fabricants, codeurs et coachs (coach : avec la condition d’avoir déjà fait un MSX)

Merci :slight_smile:

Nina pour Museomix Nord

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Hello Lucas, Maryline, tell me when you will be ready I will share it on social media :slight_smile:

Probably I will open the 2nd call on Friday evening (or Saturday morning) and share here the link.
I must send you a message?

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: maybe let’s say directly Saturday, the launch was scheduled for September 1 so it would be perfect :ok_hand:

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Until now only this communities have asked to be on the 2nd call of participants from September 1st to September 30th:

  • Nord for Museomix Lille
  • Normandie for Museomix Caen
  • BE for Museomix Mons
  • Azur for Museomix Nice
  • EC for Museomix Quito

I don’t have any news from:

  • Ouest for Museomix Saint-Brieuc
  • Zagreb
  • Dakar

@tounoki, @museomixzagreb and @Adrien I must add also your locations?


The 2nd call is now open at: https://form.jotformeu.com/82425346784363

For now only 5 location are available I still waiting for news from Saint-Brieuc, Zagreb and Dakar.
You can contact me in this discussion or using a private message".

This 2nd call will close automatically on September 30.

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I updated the museomix.org page with the second call end date and form link for every language (free to the communities to translate if not already).


hello ! does it mean that Zageb gave up for this year ? it disappeared from the msx.org site…

I’ve no information from Zagabria after asking to confirm if they need a 2nd call, also @Marilyne has tried and still waiting!


No more précise information either for Zagreb (@museomixzagreb ) . For Dakar, no museomix this year, but in 2019 as @Adrien answered me back.

Sorry, I couldn’t update the web site yet… I’ll do it tomorrow morning !


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