2nd call for participants 20018 / 2ème appel à participants 2018


Sorry, Dakar is participating this, I misunderstood @Adrien !


Hello :slight_smile: and what about Saint Brieuc ? did you had some fresh news ?



Adrien from Dakar.
Museomix will take place at Musée des forces armées in Dakar Plateau.
Tell me what infos is needed for the call.




I received new from Saint-Brieuc this morning and added it to the form in the same time as Dakar.


Hi @Adrien,

For the 2nd call the only thing I need from Dakar is a Google account (Gmail) to give you the access to the results. To send me the information you can use a “message” from my profile.


PS: you can write also in French, I use English only to be more “open”.


Bonjour à tous,
Du côté de Museomix Azur au Musée d’archéologie de Cimiez de Nice, il nous manque encore 2 experts contenus, 4 développeurs, 3 communicants, 1 fabricant et 1 graphiste + 4 facilitateurs.
Donc si vous avez trop de candidats sur certains lieux, n’hésitez pas à nous les renvoyer!
Bises à tous!!!
Et bon courage pour la dernière ligne droite:))

Hello everyone,
On the side of Museomix Azur at the Archeology Museum of Cimiez, Nice, we still lack 2 experts, 4 developers, 3 communicators, 1 manufacturer and 1 graphic designer + 4 facilitators.
So if you have too many candidates in certain places, do not hesitate to send them back to us!
Kisses to all!!!
And good luck for the last straight :))


Hello everybody,

In Switzerland we have 3 people who were candidates as “ambassadors” for Museomix Zagreb. As there will be no Museomix there this year, we would like to propose them some other destinations. Please can you let us know if you still have some vacancies in your team participants (which profiles?) or in your Mixroom?



Je reviens vers toi dès que nous aurons étudié le 2e appel à participant lundi prochain.
Y-a-t’il parmi les ambassadeurs un photographe confirmé ? ça m’intéresserait pour la mixroom ^^

Bonne journée,


Hello Nina,

Volontiers pour tes infos la semaine prochaine.
A propos de photographe, peut-être @yanngraf qui avait postulé pour Zagreb et fait de très belles photos? Yann je te laisse prendre contact directement avec Nina si cela t’intéresse.

A bientôt,


Nous pouvons envoyer une “invitation mixroom” pour l’édition de St Brieuc. Qui contacte qui ? :wink: 1 personne pour l’instant, on aimerait étoffer.



Peux-tu m’envoyer l’invitation , on la fera suivre à nos “candidats ambassadeurs”?


Dear museomixers from Switzerland,

We have one place left in our mixroom within the communication team if that matches with one of you.
The West French Museomix edition will take place in an outstanding place, the Villa Rohannec’h in Saint-Brieuc, where the participants are invited to create an experience as inhabitants, exploring cultural materials from Saint Brieuc Art and History Museum. Saint-Brieuc and the West MMx community are very welcoming and we could find you a place to stay. Access through Nantes or Rennes airports and then carpooling.
Don’t hesitate to contact me : florence.ratajczak@gmail.com



Hello @lpalli,
I’m on the call for participants on Dakar. I take over from @Adrien and so I send you now a message from your profile with my google account, if it’s okay for you.
Thank you so much,


Hello @gabrielamenag !
I’m on the organisation of Museomix Sénégal. I would like to launch a call for participant as the google form you proposed, we have some particular questions due to the country / the towns, etc.
Do you think that you can share your google form with editor access, or at least the content of the questions ? So that I can compare maybe with your particularities :slight_smile:thank you in advance, and congrats also for your logo, which is really great !


Hi there! Zagreb is here! I’m sorry for waiting for us so long, but our dynamics is different, because we had a festival on the schedule and two exhibitions in the following weeks before the Museomix is going to take place. By now we have a text for the main site, I just logged in into wordpress. best, d.


Hi Laura

I am so sorry I missed this message.

Well actually the google form we are using is still recieving participants so we can not edit anything by now. But for sure I can share the document with the questions. Give me a gmail account so to share it by google drive.

Sorry again for the delay.



Hi Gabriela,

No problem. I created our form, it’s ok ! I tried yours by the way as a participant :slight_smile: to check the type of questions.

Happy day !


Hello !
Some candidates cancelled their registration, so we are missing a Graphic designer in Museomix Normandy !
If some community refused one, please let me know !
Thank you

Margot / Museomix Normandy