A mexican museum for 2016 edition of Museomix MX

Hello everybody,

I have a very good news, which relates with a very uncomfortable question:

After never ending negotiations with one museum, it is just now that it seems we had an affirmative decision of another museum: the UNIVERSUM (Science Museum of the National university, UNAM) to participate to Museomix !!!

For a while I wasn’t in contact to the core-orga of Museomix MX and I wasn’t aware of the situation. Now, with this good news, I believe it became crucial to ask you a question that maybe other people form Museomix MX community asked you before, or I realize now that maybe not:

Do you think it is possible to include a mexican Museum for this edition?

I know is late, and I’m really concern about the inconvenients of doing it so close to the actual event, including the fact that we already miss the first call for participants. It is not our intention to make our museomix “dans notre coin” as Julien comment somewhere in other discussion. I’m aware that the silence form the part of our community for such a long time is weird, or do not represent a very community attitude. I’m trying to work on that with museomix mx.

I know it is very late to propose a candidature, but can you consider it please?

Thanks a lot for your time

Have a nice weekend.


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Super nouvelle !
Moi, je suis pour l’action. Si vous vous sentez prêts, il faut y aller…

great , we are currently coproducing an exhibition with Universum , at Universcience Paris (where a museomix event was planned last year in Cite des enfants , kids library and entrance hall but was cancelled and replaced in extremis with a one day event because of safety issue after a fire in the building.)
thus , we know well Universum team -we could help
Nathalie from exhibition department universcience

That’s very good news! Yes, I remember last year fire at CIté de sciences! Last year we evoke the possibility to do a kids museomix, maybe this year could that happen?
And what is exactly the project that Universcience does with UNIVERSUM? I’m curious.

Great! We will confirm you.
But juliendorra seemed not very agree

je suis aussi partisan de lancer les choses si vous pensez que tout est réuni pour que ça marche, d’après ce que je lis du dernier post de Roberto cela semble jouable.
par contre je pense que par souci d’équité avec les autres musées ce serait bien de publier un dossier de candidature et de le faire relire par une ou plusieurs communautés, pour rappel cela permet de vérifier que l’esprit du projet est bien respecté et que les gens qui seront amenés à s’inscrire trouveront bien les conditions de jeu d’un museomix.


If you manage to be ready for november, go for it !

Salut ! Tt à fait d’accord avec toi
Attendons ce dossier

Yes of course ! We will prepare the document for your.
Thanks a lot