Backup strategy

Reading the transcription of the Saturday InterCo meeting (“unfortunately” on Saturday morning I was on the Nanomix and on the afternoon on the panel of the round table) I see that someone has reported a need of backup strategy.

I suppose it’s the backup strategy of the Google Drive, I’m right?

In this case I’m making backups of my Google Drive that include also the main Museomix drive for some years (probably mid-2014) using different solutions.
Actually (from december 2016) my solution uses a Synology NAS that convert the Google online documents to Microsoft Office or jpeg documents and store the converted files and all the others files locally (having a snapshot strategy and a recycle bin) and on 2 different clouds.
Maybe it isn’t the perfect solution but not too bad…

Any proposition to improve it?
Maybe we can find a solution to share my backup somewhere to allow everybody to access it if needed.

I’m waiting your comments… :wink:


Hey @lpalli

Thank you for this solution, and the backup :slight_smile:

I know this web ftp client that is quite simple tu use :

I think it’s free till a certain limit, we can imagine there is unique credentials for everybody? I don’t know if it helps



Hi @Marilyne

I checked, it isn’t a web ftp client but more a web file storage solution.

The main “problems” to use it:

  • the free version has only 3 GB of storage, my actually Museomix Google drive is of 23.17 GB
  • this solution has only clients for Mac, Windows and Android, my NAS can’t upload automatically

But maybe I’ve an idea: I’ve an unused 1 TB Microsoft OneDrive account and maybe it’s possible to use it to give a public access to my backups.


My test is positive but some improvements to manage deleted files and folders are probably necessary.

You can test the access to the backup at here:!AsKUaES3yioDhXDyUss0qMmYx3bD

Not all the 23 GB are already synchronized, my NAS is still working from yesterday evening…

Hi @lpalli ,
The proposition came from a brain storming group that was summarized by @Sam.Donvil, from Belgium. As I understood it, the topic was brighter than the need of a backup, it aimed at defining a global archiving strategy, using documentation management tools for instance. Safeguarding is part of that, but the global archive could actually address other sources than the G-Drive.
Jean Pierre

Hi @jean_pierre_girard,

Thanks for the information, “unfortunately” I was on others activities when this point was discussed.

A global documentation management strategy is important but we’ll need some time and resources to define and implement it.
Meantime I’ll try to improve “my solution” to have a backup for the Google Drive contents accessible to everyone to have a minimal solution in case of problems.


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HI Luca,

That’s fine !
See you in Brussels, maybe.


Hi everyone,

Interesting Luca, that’s already quite a good solution if we can make it accessible. What have you been paying for your backups?

Indeed, I was also thinking of other things such as establishing some guidelines for drive organisation, file naming, formats to use. Giving each other access to our graphic design materials and pictures.


Hi Sam,

My actually solution don’t have any additional cost for me: the NAS run already for others stuff and I don’t use the 1 TB space on OneDrive (included in my Office 365 subscription).

The “only” problem is that the upload is very slow, only 2 GB in 10 days, I will reconfigure the NAS to keep it running 24/24 and try to find it’s possible to increase the speed…


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My test has run successfully but the NAS has some problems on files and folders having “/” in their names (and maybe others characters).
For now and until the end of my holidays (August the 19th) I’ll keep it but after I must find a better solution.

Some years ago, we also used Resilio, to sync backups between instances (my NAS, @samuelbausson hard drive I think, etc)

And I encounter “lack of space” problems with all the videos made at each edition : more than 30Go !

Hi guys,

In Brussels, we’re busy organising the next intercommunity meeting. One of the ideas to discuss is data management and exchange/archiving strategy. It seems like some of us (you) are a lot further ahead then others (me) in that regard. Are any of you planning to come to Belgium on the weeknd of 23 and 24 september?



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I didn’t planned it, but I can answer to some questions on a remote way

Bonjour :slight_smile:

Petite question plus ou moins en rapport avec le Backup.
Lors de l’IntercoBrussels, nous avons fait un point sur la Mixroom et il semblerait que seule @Kwandika soit référence cette année.
Je voulais savoir à qui appartient le serveur utilisé les précédentes années pour uploader sur FTP les vidéos lors du week-end et si ce dernier est toujours accessible (et pas trop rempli pour la prochaine édition ?)

Merci par avance,
Nina pour Museomix Nord :slight_smile:

Le serveur utilisé pour la Mixroom est celui qui héberge et on a pour l’instant pas mal de place dessu (pas non plus des centaines de milliers de Go, mais ca suffit largement pour une Mixroom vu les volumes des années précédentes)


Hello, je sais pas si le problème est toujours d’actualité, mais avec Techno Culture Club, on a un compte Google Drive gratuit et illimité. Donc si besoin, on peut en mettre une partie à disposition…

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