Call 2018 for Communities - communication

Hello everyone,

I would like to dissociate this topic from “Call 2018 for museums and communities” because I would like to address a more precise theme.

  • What communication will we put in place regarding the call to participant?

  • Can we recall the dates?

  • The process? (I think of the new communities)

  • Are there common visuals where each community must create their visual? (In common we can always adapt languages with a photoshop type file for example)

  • Who is responsible for the MAJ of the website?

  • Are there sites or addresses where you have to communicate info in addition to social networks? (I think in other press and specialized sites)

I may have other questions then, but these are the first ones that come to mind!
(thanks to Switzerland for mentioning them in their newsletter :-))

See you soon,
Nina for Museomix Nord

Bonjour à tous,

Je me permets de dissocier ce topic de “Call 2018 for museums and communities” car j’aimerai y aborder une thématique plus précise.

  • Quelle communication allons-nous mettre en place concernant l’appel à participant ?

  • Peut-on rappeler les dates ?

  • Le process ? (je pense aux nouvelles communautés)

  • Y-a-t’ il des visuels communs ou chaque communauté doit créer son visuel ? (en commun on peut toujours adapter les langues avec un fichier type photoshop par exemple)

  • Qui se charge de la MAJ du site ?

  • Y-a-t’ il des sites ou adresses où il faut communiquer l’info en plus des réseaux sociaux ? (je pense en autres à la presse et les sites spécialisés)

J’aurai peut-être d’autres questions ensuite, mais ce sont les premières qui me viennent à l’idée !
(merci à la Suisse d’en avoir parlé dans leur newsletter :slight_smile: )

A bientôt,
Nina pour Museomix Nord

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I can help for the website with @samy and @lpalli. please note that you all have rights to access the website and create or modify the community pages.

Please if you need an access, let me know or help for updating or using the website, let me know !



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Pour info, j’ai suivi le processus pour créer l’édition 2018 de Museomix Nord au Palais des Beaux Arts. Je l’ai indiqué comme lien privé afin que l’on puisse le rendre visible lorsque nous annoncerons les musées remixés cette année.


FYI, I followed the process to create the 2018 edition of Museomix Nord at the Palais des Beaux Arts. I have indicated it as a private link so that we can make it visible when we announce the remixed museums this year.


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Great @NinaDebail :slight_smile:

Bonjour @Marilyne
Peux-tu me donner un accès à > a priori personne de msx ouest ne l’a fait ? pour page lieu. Sinon je mets les infos dans le drive.

Hi @samy @Marilyne @celia_cbo

I can not edit the 2018 edition page to add the pages that have been created by the communities?
The form is ready but it seems to me a shame to launch the call to attend without having the clean website.
I can do in wordpress, but this version is not the easiest to find the tree of things to change for a concrete result appears.

Can someone help me?

Nina for Museomix Nord

I will check it ASAP


@NinaDebail I can help this evening as weel

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In terms of visual, we are developing one from Museomix Ch that will say “Join the Museomix adventure” and encourage participation to Museomix event, we will be happy of course to share it with all of you.



Hi Sylvie,

Can you send me at the address the visual “join the adventure museomix”?

We would like to use it until we have more visuals related to the museum.

Thank you very much !
Nina for Museomix Nord

Hello Nina,

Yes with pleasure as soon as it is ready - we should have something for June 19th.


Hello Sylvie,
Can you share it to ?
we are working on « cards » by profile, to upgrade our « join us » campaign. We can share it too? :grin:

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Hello Hélène and Nina,

we are working hard on the “join the adventure” campaign but will not be ready before the 23rd, so we could share with you the visual and the video campaign as of the 23th or 25th - but I think it can be helpful to promote that last week of applications. Cheers.

Hello !
In Normandy we are also working on our video, but I cannot say when we will send it… Before the 23d seems possible !


Hello @Sylvie_Rottmeier ,

All aboard, I wanted to congratulate MuseomixCH because your concept of ambassador is just a top idea for your movement does not collapse, not the perfect idea !!

Then your banner is great!
So thank you very much for sharing!

See you soon,
Nina for Museomix Nord

Hello @NinaDebail and @LNJR,

Thank you Nina for your message !

We are happy to share the graphical animations with you ! Here are some “Join the Adventure” campaign supports that we can all use to stimulate the call to participant.
Please find all the material in the link below :

(pictures and banner will be uploaded soon)


Amanda Balet

Here it is !
Please find all material on:

Amanda for Museomix CH



Great !!! I’ll share it on the home page of the website and on facebook :slight_smile: Thanks !

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Hello !
The welcome page of the website needs an update : “appel à particpants en cours” and “Le premier appel à participant est ouvert jusqu’au 30 juin !”… Who can change it ?
Idem for the “edition 2018” where the second call is still visible.

Margot Normandy

I’ll do it ! @Margot