Call 2018 for museums & communities


J’ai vu passer la mention pour le formulaire d’inscription > ajouter Artiste et Expert.
Il y a peut-être une finesse de traduction, mais je suis assez contre la notion d’Expert, très muséocentrée et très fermée. Je lui préfère fondamentalement la notion d’Amateur (sur un sujet quelconque, disciplinaire ou même sur la notion de territoire par exemple) dans l’idée propre à muséomix de l’inclusion, pê au sens un peu wikipédien du terme. Le débat est particulièrement crucial dans le positionnement des musées de société et leur rapport non pas au public mais à la population (pour citer les classiques en muséo :wink: )


Hello anyone,

About Jotform, I presume only one community will subscribe for all.
Don’t hesitate to communicate us the details for the payment of our participation (bank accounts and so on).

Have a nice day,
Jean-Marc for MuseomixBE


Oui @NinaDebail je vais avoir du mal à gérer ce week-end et la semaine prochaine… Je suis très chargée pour le boulot. Je ne vais pas pouvoir avancer du tout…

Yes, I really need a hand for the website and the form. I’ve too much work those and can’t help a lot…



Sorry for my absence on this discussion, I can work on the forms if your are all OK to use Jotform and if no community will take the financial lead I think that the Swiss community can do it even if we don’t have a Museomix event in 2018.


Hi @lpalli,

Do you need help ?

The call to attend is scheduled for tomorrow, do you think it can do it?

Can I help you if necessary? (Uploading new museums on is in my skills for example)

Nina for Museomix Nord



Hi @NinaDebail,

It’s nice if you can help me to have verified information and I’ll try to make now the french version of the form to estimate how much time I need.

The information I need to be verified:

  • Museomix locations for 2018: the content of this document is confirmed?
  • Museomix roles: the old 6 or with also artist, …
  • Any request for others modifications? (I’ve a snapshot and texts from last year)
  • There is a translation in Croatian? What is the participation fee in Zagreb?
  • We open it tomorrow? (11th June)
  • What we need to add to be conform with GDPR?
  • There is a new “charte du museomixeur”? the linked one is from 2015!


Good news the 2017 form is disabled but using the old link I was able to clone it in my JotForm account with all the existing languages.


The 2018 call for participants is ready with the information I know!
See my previous message for the open points, when all is OK I can give the URL share it…
I’m waiting…





Urgent !!

Tomorrow we are launching the call for participants, is your community planning to organize a museomix in 2018?

Without your confirmation before the launch, the potential participants will not be able to register for your edition by the traditional form which will be communicated to the greatest number …

Thank you to inform me as soon as possible so that we can adjust our form and the website!

I wish you a good day,
Nina for Museomix Nord


Hi @lpalli

  • I just reread the wiki account of the interco in Lille and the notion of Artist seems the most appropriate after the comment Tounoki.

  • I contacted Zagreb on their facebook page, and mp I am waiting for an answer.

  • Same for the Ecuator and Brazil communities.

  • After returning from the North community, we do not think it is necessary to modify the questions of the form which allow first broad topics to discover the different personalities.

  • For the GDPR, I can inquire with one of our members but I need access to the form.

  • For the launch, if we are good in English / French, let’s go for tomorrow unless objection from other communities ( @Margot / @tounoki / @MarionG / @Jean-Marc @MuseomixZagreb ? )

  • For the charter, the one of 2015 seems not bad, if modification there must be, one will prevent the participants and one will update that which will be provided to them a few weeks before the event.

It’s ok for you ?
Nina :slight_smile:


Hi @NinaDebail

  • I add the Artist
  • for now I added the 6 locations from this document
  • for GDPR I added a simple phrase saying we will use the data only to organize the events
  • for the languages all the languages of 2017 are available (French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Porugese)

When I we’ll open it? We wait a feedback from Zagreb, Ecuador and Brazil?

Tanks Luca

PS: I’ll send you the link to the form in a private message



I am no sure what I need to confirm…


Hi @gabrielamenag

Tomorrow we’ll open the form to partecipate to Museomix 2018, for now the available locations are those from this document.

The questions for you:

  • We must/can add Ecuador? Which city/location? (you can add the information in this document?)
  • What will be the fee to partecipate? (in Europe 50 €)
  • The form was translateed in Spanish last year if you will check it I can send you the link in a private message.



It’s ok for us. We are waiting for the launch here ! :slight_smile:
Marion from Museomix Azur :slight_smile:


I upgraded the JotForm account to the bronze plan (19$/month) that give 1’000 submission/month, I think enough for the usage of Museomix.

We need to define how share this fee trough the different communities that organize a Museomix event this year…

For the today opening of the form all is ready if we have the confirmation of the different communities (especially that confirm the 6 events/locations in this document: @NinaDebail @tristan.hocquet @tounoki @MuseomixZagreb @Jean-Marc @MarionG @Laurene). If some changes are required I can do it quickly today (but I will be unavailable between 11:30 and 14:30).

@NinaDebail the link to the form I sent you yesterday is the final link if you decide to open the submissions you can use it.



I think that before launching the form, it is necessary to update the website by adding the museums and the link to the form on the site

What do you think ?

Nina for Museomix Nord


Yes it’s important that the site is updated but we can share the link before for communities that need it for their communication/site/socials/…


Hello @lpalli ans @NinaDebail!

I updated the Excel “Museums participating 2018”.
In Belgium we’ll remix 3 museums that are part of the Pôle Muséal of the city of Mons.
We prepared a description for each museum. Could you tell me where I can put them?


@lpalli As you can see, Belgium confirms :wink:

@Christelle I have the login/password to access to the website. I send you a message.
To fill in the website, I’m pretty sure Nina can give you advices :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Christelle,

In 2016 we have also a Museomix in 3 museums: we make one page with the 3 museums: