Call 2018 for museums & communities


Hi Nina,
Thanks for the info, quick clarification is this September call for participants as in visitors or participants as in museums/organizers?

I have spoken to my team and it sounds like there may be quite a few people interested in getting this going here in India with local museums.

Thank you,


Hello Hugo,
what a beautiful project ! It would be so great if Museomix could happen in India ! In September, it is a call to participants to remix in November 2018, indeed, if some people in your area can and want to make a museomix this year in Europe or Ecuador, this is the opportunity :wink: Otherwise, for the festival in February, it would be a great idea to make a meeting and why not organize something. This was already done last year in Brazil for example. The call to museums takes place at about the same time, it would be interesting to do something. On this subject, you should talk with @Marilyne and @celia_cbo . For my part I remain available for all questions concerning communication for the communities.
See you soon !
Janaïne, Museomix Occitanie


Welcome @Hugo_QS and thank you for your message!

It’s a good thing that you already participated a Museomix :smiley:
As @NinaDebail and @Kwandika said, it could be great for your team (makers, cultural centers, etc.) to join one of the venues in 2018 and/or to experiment the “Museomix spirit” through small events in order to make your community grow locally.

You may contact the French Institute in India to speak about the project and get help (like budget for travelling). They alrealdy know about Museomix because it’s part of the “Digital November” (Novembre Numérique) program. We were in touch with the brazilian team to fund and organize last summer with @lauramaringoni a training animated by @cmonnet, @MarialyaB and me, in 3 cities (Sao Paulo, Recife and Belo Horizonte with @Marcela-Bresil and @priscila). If you’d like to do the same, you could ask who’s available amongst the Museomix communities :wink:


Hi @Hugo_QS,

Great project! You’ll definitely have the time organizing for next year :slight_smile: I know Vaibav from Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai, if you need to get in touch with makers. He has a great network, though I think I can help.
I will share the website credentials so that you can create a community page. You can also think to a logo and create a facebook page ?
Please let me know if you want to talk on a webconf :slight_smile:

Museomix Occitanie Pyrénées