Changing dates for MuseomixUK

Hello - we’re looking to run an event this year in London with a big national but unfortunately November is not an option (due to many reasons). I know last year Museomix was over several weekends - can we run our event in October? I understand if not but unfortunately it will mean we can’t get involved this year. (But if anyone in the Museomix community wanted to get involved, they are more than welcome too!)


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Hi Mar,

I see nobody has replied to you Shame on us !

Here is a conversation on this topic but it’s in French :frowning:

Museomix Nomandie would also like to run an event on another date for.

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Pour Museomix Nord, nous sommes en train de réfléchir entre Vendredi 11 - Samedi 12 - Dimanche 13 Novembre ou Jeudi 10 - Vendredi 11 - Samedi 12 + Dimanche 13 pour présentation toutes la journée de prototype et profiter pour mieux se connaître, organiser des animations et faire vivre les prototypes plus longtemps avec les personnes les plus compétentes pour en parler etc.

My english is very bad, i’m sorry but, for Museomix North, we think at the date : between 11 - 12 - 13 November or 10 - 11 (don’t work) - 12 + sunday 13 for discover et create event with people.

Nina pour Museomix Nord

For the Swiss 2016 editions we chose Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 while in Switzerland the 11th November is a normal working day not an holiday day as in France.
Having a Museomix on 2 working day is not a good solution to find local participants…

This is what we said to the international aspect. But the views of the discussion, the general atmosphere of the debate seemed to move on an expansion of dates not to single weekend, but over several months by community. So we discussed this idea which we thought was very nice. Indeed, few see no one can stand on Monday to present their prototype at the museum :slight_smile:

(Thanks Google)

We could discuss the topic during the intercommunity meeting in may.

@MarDixon, have you planned to come ? It’s on 14th & 15th of May in Paris. It would be great to see you there !

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Thanks for the responses! Unfortunately I’m not sure I can get to Paris on 14th/15th - maybe I can skype in?

The dates are really complex for us in the UK as let others have mentioned, it’s not a holiday which makes it hard for people to get off work for 4 days. Also November is usually when the museums have to roll out things to the trustees. We are looking to run something for October in London as that works better for the community. Thanks!

That could mean attending the UK Museomix then our Quebec edition! That’d be awesome to do it again this year! Seriously.

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