Communication plan


as I promised, here is a first draft for an annual communication plan (plan de com in French). Sorry it is in French, I don’t have time to translate it in English :confused:

It’s a plan for Msx IdF but a major part of it is common with other community. We’re going to improve it with other people from Msx Idf but as discussed during the intercommunity meeting, everyone can contribute. We aim to produce a template every community can use and adapt.

Please, use comment in google doc. Then, I’ll sumarise comments.



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Any news about this? If you have any updates on it or an up to date final model let us know.
I can translate this in italian and in english.

in Italian indeed I am very very verrry proficient :wink:


Paris Museomix community is meeting tonight. The idea is to make a battle plan for 2016 so we should have in put for a communication plan soon. I’ll let you know :smile:

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