Communities that are having Museomix 2018


Hello everybody,
@Marilyne @NinaDebail @lpalli

Please I need to know all the cities that are having Museomix this year, we are working in communication and want to mention all.

Thanks for the answer


Hi @gabrielamenag,

For what I know all the cities on this page will have a Museomix this year:

  1. Caen
  2. Dakar
  3. Lille
  4. Mons
  5. Nice
  6. Quito
  7. Saint-Brieuc
  8. Zagreb

I can confirm 100% for Lille (who I’ll participate) and Mons (where I know people who’ll participate).

I don’t know if Dakar is ready (the started later to organize it) and Zagreb is a big question (we were unable to have any information until this message).



I can also confirm that Zagreb is heating up as the applications are steadily arriving and everything is on schedule.



Dakar is ready too :slight_smile:


Thanks you all!!!