Eng Translation for 2018 ed

For a english version tidy website :wink: Museomix beyond language boarders!

asap TARGET: 2018 museum ed. translation in english of CAEN - NICE - QUITO - SAINT-BRIEUC - ZAGREB

SHORT-TERM targets:

  • 2018 page complete

LONG-TERM targets:

  • Community involvement in their own section
  • Prototypes check and completeness

Ok, I reply to myself because I didn’t understand that it was first post instead of thread description but I kinda like it :smile:

Hi everyone, here we will check the english website pages of museomix.org!

This need rise from last INTERCO in Bologna where a group born in order to work on this side of communication. We analysed and fix some problems we found but still a looot of work to to :muscle::muscle::muscle:
That’s why we ask help from all communities! There are loads of targets to achieve but some are more urgent than others: 2018 EDITION PAGES!
There are missing those translations: CAEN, NICE, QUITO, SAINT-BRIEUC, ZAGREB
@MuseomixZagreb @Margot @Marcela-Bresil @NinaDebail @tounoki @samuelbausson could you help us? :slight_smile: Hope that are the right tags :wink:
@lpalli @celia_cbo I solved the missing caen page :vulcan_salute::v: but now it has a lot of codes and I think it did’t copy the french contents :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: could you to something?

At last… May the RemixForce be with you!


Hi !
When I tried to put the english version on the website, I had a problem : the english version of our Caen edition appeared on the french page of results… Can you give us informations about the good way to create an english version ?
Thank you !
Margot / Normandy

Hi Margo! Caen page is a kind of matter :wink: It was disappear but now is restored!
If you check on website now you can see the caen page also in english but the contents are full of codes :frowning: so I put it in draft.
It is a bit complicated because once you create a page in another language, it is just a copy of the original page version, so we should traslate in “human” way. Right now english pages are all created (instead of Zagreb because there no “croatian” page yet) so is just matter of get the english contents in the english page (you can find them in “Lieux> category eng > name of museum/place”
Hope I was clear in the explanation :grimacing:

If you cannot find it, please let me know :slight_smile:

I wonder if the Caen issue has something to do with the multiple venues thing?
1 location = Caen
3 museums = Château + Normandie + Beaux-Arts

What do you think @AnnaWarri @lpalli @Marilyne @samy

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OK… I’m done with the sorting by alphabetic order in Community EN page

For now it has to be done manually by changing the date of each article (the newest is the first to appear in the list)

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Hi !
Translation done for the Caen page, and there is no more bug, thank you !
The only problem left is the very bad english from google trad :wink:



@celia_cbo you are my hero! :heart_eyes:
Amazing! Thx @Margot :smile:

We’re almost done, it will be amazing if NICE, QUITO and DAKAR page will be translated too! Anyone knows who might be in charge for them?

For Nice, try @Laurene

For Quito, @gabrielamenag

For Dakar, @Adrien

Have a nice summer :parasol_on_ground:


I found that English version of Museomix EC in community, is on-line: http://www.museomix.org/en/community/museomix-ec-2/

I got some problems when I first try to create it, but apparently someone helped with the technical problems, and now everything is ok!

I still have some problems with the page of 2018 edition. I am going to refresh it with the new information this weekend, after we announce the winner to be the host of Museomix EC 2018.

Hope that I can still get some help for the technical problems…