Evaluation 2017


Hello all,

We have questionnaries for Visitors, Museomixers, Proto, Orga team… But nothing for Orga museum.

To avoid to re-invent the wheel, somebody has already an used questionnary for the Orga Museum ?

Thanks in advance.
Jean-Marc for MuseomixBE


Sorry @Jean-Marc and everybody,
having not so much time we’ve worked last minute in Italy and I wasn’t looking here.
I guess you already have something… tell me…

Anyway, we will sure share with you all our questionnaires for the future. We didn’t like the past ones, so we worked on:

  • audience questionnaire
  • audience interview (more qualitative)
  • museomixer/facilitarors questionnaires
  • orga questionnaires

We’re collecting them through surveymonkey and we will share with you results asap!
Sorry again an let’s keep in touch,