Evaluation 2019

Who’s working on evaluation ? Thx!

hello @genevieve_PSC !
very good question… but maybe a little bit to early, because communities are busy with the candidatures ? So anyway we can ask each community to tell how they decided to manage evaluation, who are the persons who drive that ? and if there is some people who would be interested by following and coordinating évaluation of every museomix ?
très bonne question… peut-être un peu prématurée car toutes les communautés sont en plein dans la gestion des candidatures des museomixeurs/es.
Néanmoins, on peut déjà demander à chaque communauté de dire comment elle ont choisi de gérer l’évaluation, quelles sont les personnes qui s’en occupent. Et aussi si il y a des personnes qui sont intéressées et prêtes à assurer un suivi et la coordination globale ?
ok avec cette proposition @genevieve_PSC ?

Hello @CathBarra, Thank’s for answering so fast.
I think we should ask every community if we want to manage the evaluation all together or community by community.
Do you know if the last form is still available? That can make a huge difference if we only want to update it.

Hello Geneviève,
I don’t know, I will answer after la Fête de la Science, now I have too much work !
so soon !

hello @genevieve_PSC,
to answer your question, maybe we could first add a type “evaluation” in the column “type” and a tab for it in the google doc “Contacts communities” ? @samy ?

you could find link to former form on the conversation évaluation 2016, and also some new questions to add, purposed by G. Estadieu.
If you use that and create a new form or anything else, could you share it here for the other communities ?
I think it could be very fruitful to consider what is interesting to evaluate, and how these evaluations could be shared, and what for.
Please let all communities know how Museomix QC manage this ! :wink:

in Italy I’m managing evaluation: in 2017 we’ve tried to improve the tools:

  • form for the audience
  • prototypes evaluation, interview to the audience
  • form for organizers/community
  • form for mixers, facilitators & experts
    and now we’re using them again, a bit adjusted based on results.

I can send you them but they’re in Italian (sorry),

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Hi @Ros Ros, if you can send me your files, I would love to see them… even in Italian!
@CathBarra I don’t have access to the Museomix Drive, but I found the evaluation forms for 2015 and 2016 (in French).

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Hi @genevieve_PSC!
Here you can find all our tools in Italian: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q9YwuP_cJmsUmfRfLNd2iwnf_8BP3KMp?usp=sharing

Let me know if you need some help to better understand: the visitors’ questionnaire and interview we do it directly on Sunday, the other ones will be sent directly by email the day after (Monday).
In case you have a surveymonkey account I can send you directly there a copy of each survey.


Thank’s @Ros , you did a really good job. My ex-life in Italian families in Argentina, was really helpful to understand !

I plan to adapt the old questionnaire of Museomix for this year and mix it with some of your questions. Then, we’ll be able to make comparaison within years and also with your results, if needed.

The job will be done on Saturday and available on this channel. But I won’t be able to translate the questionnaires in English. Sorry!


Great idea @genevieve_PSC!
Don’t worry about language, I understand French :wink:

Hi everybody, what do you think about this survey for the mixers, the museum and the organizers? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-M5AFVAFCsWXFtXBDsawEyXcww9HIBunYW-EJ5zmLfM/edit?usp=sharing


Pas mal!
Merci pour la proposition

Not bad!

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