Here we are with the next date for the monthly Interco meeting: 24 February 2021 at 19(Rome)

If you want to follow how the work is going we kept writing on the same document of last meeting (in order to have all infos in one doc instead of having 1000 of them)

In the next days we will begin other discussion thread here on Community platform to discuss specific topic.

Cheers and see us on Feb :star_struck: :dizzy:

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Hi everybody!
here the Zoom link for next Interco meeting: https://zoom.us/j/96692079752



Hi everyone! Hope to find you well :hugs:

As every month here attached the Zoom link for next Online Interco on Wednesday March 24th

Launch Meeting - Zoom

Baci :kissing_heart:


Hi Anna,

What is the date for April ? Thank you, hope you are well !

Estelle, Museomix Normandie

Hi Estelle! Hi everyone!
I am soooo sorry, I forgot to update the thread and to communicate next meeting!! Forgive me!! :cry:

NEXT INTERCO ONLINE MEETING: WEDNESDAY 28th :partying_face: :partying_face: :exploding_head:

Sorry guys, I will soon share with you the zoom link :pray: :pray:

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Et voilà!

Launch Meeting - Zoom

See you wednesday at 7pm(Rome) in the ether :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :rocket: :rocket:

Hello everyone !
I hope you’re doing well,

I’m sorry i couldn’t make it lately :cry: but i’m back in the game now ! :muscle:
Muséomix Alsace as almost find a museum (we chose thursday yeay !) !

Have you already settle a date for the next Interco ?

See you soon !


The next INTERCO meeting is planed on May 26th at 19:00.

I’ll write here on the next days to organize the call for participants for the 2021 Museomix events like in the last years.


Hi guys!
here we are with the usual communications
As @lpalli said, next INTERCO will be held

WEDNESDAY MAY 26TH AT 19.00 (ROME) :exploding_head: :rocket:

here the room

and the google doc with some notes of previous meetings :ok_man: :dizzy:

baci e abbracci


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We have an INTERCO meeting this evening?
@AnnaWarri or @Ros you can provide the zoom link?


Hi Luca, hi everyone :slight_smile: summer has come and everything starts all of a sudden, we lost some pieces on the way, forgive us :pray:
Tonight we’ll move on google meet, heres the link > https://meet.google.com/ksg-ksdx-aff

See us later :rocket:



I’ll be a little bit late but i’ll me there ! :slight_smile:

Hi @everyone !

Next INTERCO will take place on 21/07/2021, 7pm.

It would be nice if every community doing Muséomix this year could be there. We could exchange about what we do this year, take sommes news and prepare some of the stuffs that impacts all of us, like the call for muséomixeurs of septembre.

What do you think ? @Museomixazur @MuseomixBE @MuseomixNormandie ?

------------------- in french below ------------------------

Bonjour tout le monde,

La prochaine INTERCO aura lieu le mercredi 21 juillet à 19h.

Se serait chouette que toutes les communautés qui font Muséomix cette année soient présente, afin qu’on se raconte ce qu’on fait et qu’on puisse préparer les parties communes à toutes les communautés. Notamment l’appel à muséomixeurs de septembre.

C’est bon pour vous @Vassiliki ; @Tamalie ; @Estelle ; @Laurene ?
Communauté @muséomixnormandie @museomixbelgique @museomixazur


Salut @Margot_VSO,

il y’a bien la séance dans 5 minutes? Tu peux partager le lien d’accès?

A+ Luca

Hi !
Oui tout à fait, je galère avec zoom mais j’y suis presque !

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Le voilààààà :

Margot Coïc vous invite à une réunion Zoom planifiée.

Sujet : Zoom meeting invitation - Réunion Zoom de Margot Coïc
Heure : 21 juil. 2021 07:00 PM Paris

Participer à la réunion Zoom

ID de réunion : 852 4618 5207
Code secret : w36dqr

Dear friends! How is going?
This fall was, finally, a Museomix fall!! :fallen_leaf:
So we thought that could be nice to have an inter-co online to tell how it was done Museomix this year and what other format that has been carried out in the Museomix track (such as our Museo Fuori!)

So which date would you prefer (at 19.00)? :hugs:

  • December 9
  • December 10
  • December 15
  • December 16
  • December 20

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Looking forward your reply!!




Hi everyone !

Thanks Anna for survey. The event went very well in Normandy, I hope the same for the other communities. During the next meeting, we would like to discuss the date of next year and the idea of ​​a summer camp in Lyon.

See you soon !


Bonjour tout le monde !

Merci Anna pour le sondage. L’évènement s’est très bien passé en Normandie, j’espère de même pour les autres communautés. Durant la prochaine interco, nous souhaitons discuter d’une date pour l’année prochaine et d’un éventuel Summer camp à Lyon.

A bientôt !

Estelle pour Museomix Normandie

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Voting session result stands for this friday December 10th at 19.00 (PARIS) on Google meet at the link below, if everybody’s agrees.

Hope to see you online!


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Hi everyone! :hugs:
Last Friday was really nice to get together (albeit online) to share the Museomix experiences that happened this year.

As some of you may already know, during the summer of 2022 there would be the intention to have an Interco Summer Camp in France along the lines of what happened in Lyon in 2017.
So, to accommodate those who couldn’t be there last meeting, we were thinking of getting together again in February for an online INTERCO.

Since we have time to get it set up and be as inclusive as possible, I am launching another survey to be done by the end of January.

Which week of February would you prefer?
  • First week of Feb
  • Second week of Feb
  • Third week of Feb
  • Fourth week of Feb

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Thanks to everyone and, for those who didn’t receive them yet, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a happy new year! :santa: :christmas_tree:



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