Following the "Creative Museum" project = Making Museum, a new European project


@juliettegiraudpro Another question, concerning the museums : do they have to be actually museomixed in 2018, or is it OK to have been museomixed in the past ?
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the old museum friends of museomix is better to understand the process of a maker residence in this case…


@juliettegiraudpro you should have received 3 different maker candidacies by email from Italy: all right?

So if I well understand residencies should be in already remixed museums?


Musée national de céramique de Sèvres, Cité de la céramique Sèvres et Limoges
Contact person of institution: Laurence Tilliard
Role of contact person: chief of collections service,,
with copy to Christine Germain-Donat, head of Sèvres national museum of ceramics, StartFragment Département du patrimoine et des collections, EndFragment
Website/Social Media/Project links:èvresée_national_de_Céramique
Films on StartFragmentManufacture’s EndFragment productionèvres&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=-zZzWpbjPIaAU6uTr8AE
Museum part renovation in 2011
Le souffle de Sèvres, the wood kiln, october 2016
Residency Objectives/Project Plan of host organisation: Our background is the future museum’s renovation (2020-2024) , with the aims to make obvious, living and experiencing for the visitors the links between the manufacture producing porcelain objects of art and the museum showing ceramics from all times and all countries aroud the world. The residency would be a mean to explore the ressources on which we can rely on to work problematics linking the museum and the manufacture.
Specific resources e.g. equipment, spaces, allocated staff, events & festivals etc. available for Maker-in-Residence in host/receiving organisations:
…we will provide a place to work (a desk in the Service des collection’s rooms) and a computer linked to the internal datas to be used for the project, visit and access to Manufacture workshops and their “handmakers”, visit and access to the museum and it’s collections, collaboration with Christine Germain-Donnat, director of the museum, Laurence Tilliard and department of patrimony and collections
Proposed dates for Maker-in-Residence for host/receiving organisations: Spring, between april and june


The project MAKING MUSEUM is specially for the makers community, some of them are partner of museomix.
It’s necessary link with maker’s experience.

Tom Violleau
We met with Juliette in Lausanne in the last Museomix in Switzerland. As a designer /maker, I am interested to be part of this project for a residence.
Designer industriel / Facilitateur au fablab de La CCSTI de Grenoble / Impression 3D - Museomix Lausanne, Museomix Grenoble, Museomix Saint Etienne, Museomix Nice, Museomix Lyon.
La Casemate Arts et Métiers ParisTech - École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers
Fab-lab Facilitator in La Casemate - Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France
Participation à la reconception et au fonctionnement du Fablab de la CCSTI de Grenoble.

architectural project, CAD drawing, 3D models, manual abilities, realization of phisical models, organization of cultural and architectural events; Italian, English, Spanish, French speaker, teamwork and good communication skills
relevant experiences: Matera Meno Uno workshop of construction with hard paper with the artist Olivier Grossetete; Museomix participant 2017 Terni; Re-Make workshop of autoconstruction with plaster; workshop of contruction with wood and bricks

Lorenzo Paganelli
I am a 28 y.o. designer.
I attended as maker in the first edition of Museomix Italia at Museo Carlo Zauli, were I have also the role of coordinator of the lab/making area, being one of the founders of the local Fab Lab -
As designer I have a solid background both in philosophy/conceptual part (semiotics, human center design, design thinking, etc) and in practical/prototyping part, getting hand dirty with the lab tools till late at night. My passion for the digital fabrication tools made me learn a lot about 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC routers and so on, and being able - in the last 4 years - to teach this tools in several courses, from middle school to post grad.
Since the FabLab Faenza is hosted in the Museo Carlo Zauli, I have also the chance to work with two artist in residence last year, realizing a new machine for the former ( and a new tecnique with the latter (
Speaking about museums, I was lucky enough to be invited, along with the MCZ staff, to Museum: vision 2026, a very interesting conference (+ workshop) about the future of museum, hosted by the Fondazione Torino Musei.

Dissemination event of MAKING MUSEUM and MUSEOMIX :
Trondheim - 29/30 May 2018
Juliette Giraud, Arthur Schmitt, Jean-Pierre Girard

Museomix Training Sessions for european museum professional :
5 days (8-12 November 2018) in the Museomix event organized with a museomix local community
20 trainees
Museomix Normandie : Châteaux de Caen (tutor Margaux Frénéa or one of the active member of the Museomix Normandie Community) : 10 trainees hosting (to confirm)
Museomix Italy (to confirme) : 10 trainees, tutor (to confirm)


Hello Juliette !
Could you send us more informations about this Making museum project ? We would like to read the file you sent to the Europe, in order to know how far Museomix is involved in the project. Maybe you can share it on the google drive for example…
Thank you !

fr / Salut Juliette, peux-tu nous donner plus d’informations sur le projet Making Museum ? Nous aimerions pouvoir lire le dossier de subvention demandé à l’Europe, pour comprendre dans quelle mesure et de quelle manière Museomix est intégré au projet. Peut-être peux-tu partager le dossier sur le google drive avec le lien sur ce fil,de discussion, par exemple ?
Merci !

Museomix Normandy


Bonjour @juliettegiraudpro
Après échanges avec Samuel B., nous souhaitions proposer l’accueil d’un maker au musée de St-Brieuc ds le cadre de ce programme (en connexion donc avec museomixOuest) et dont l’objectif serait double : travailler un peu de design d’espace au sein du musée et accompagner la bulle maker dans la dernière ligne droite de préparation de notre museomix 2018 Musée de St Brieuc-Villa Rohannech (sur la période donc 11 novembre et 15 jours précédents).
Un membre de MuseomixOuest serait ok pour bénéficier du temps de résidence.
Est-ce qu’on est encore dans les clous pour lancer tout ça ? quelle est la meilleur manière de procéder ?