Formulaire d'enregistrement des participants 2017 | Registration form 2017

Je m’appelle Tania Jenkins et je fais partie de l’équipe d’organisation de Museomix Suisse de cette année ! Je m’ occupe des inscriptions pour l’édition Suisse.

J’ai quelques questions:
Y-a-t-il déjà une formulaire crée pour les inscriptions de cette année ? Si, oui,c’est qui qui s’en occupe et où est-ce que je peux la trouver ? Serait-il déjà possible de la tester ?

Je suis très contente d’avoir rejoint la communauté Museomix et je me réjouis d’interagir avec vous ici !

Bon weekend à tous et à très bientôt,

Hi everyone,

My name is Tania Jenkins and I am part of the Swiss Museomix organisation team! I am going to look after the Swiss registrations.

I have a few questions for you:
We were wondering if there was already a registration form for this year. If so who is responsible this year for producing it? Where could I find it? Would it even be possible to already test it?

I am very happy to join this vibrant community and look forward to interacting with you here in the future.

Have a great weekend,

Bienvenue @tania_jenkins !!!

Très bonne question, qui tombe à point nommé !

Pour l’instant, à ma connaissance, personne ne gère ça pour le moment… Donc si ça te dit de prendre l’action, ce serait super !

L’an dernier, c’était @juliendorra qui s’en était chargé, il peut sûrement t’aider :slight_smile:


Marilyne MSX Midi-Py

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Hello Marilyne,
OK, je vous propose que je fasse un brouillon pour cette année!
@juliendorra, pourrais-tu me dire où trouver la formulaire de l’année passée, et si tu as des suggestions/conseils, ce sont bienvenus! :slight_smile:


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Si tu as besoin pour la traduction en allemand je veux bien t’aider.

Merci ce serait qqchose peut-être pour la communauté MX Berlin? L’édition Suisse aura lieu qu’en Suisse romande cette année (donc que en français). Même si c’est prévu d’avoir des équipes bilingues lors de l’événement.

Je travaille pour la communaute MX Innsbruck, Autriche. Mais si tu preferes Berlin, cest ok pour moi aussi.

Ok, je suis nouvelle et j’ai oublié de MX Innsbruck. désolée :slight_smile: ton aide serait bienvenue dès que j’ai la formulaire de l’année passée !
Et les autres communautés ? On a des gens qui peuvent faire les traductions?

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tkt - c formidable.
merci a toi.

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Je pense que la traduction en néerlandais avait été faite les années précédentes si besoin d’un complément n’hésitez pas à nous le dire !
Si besoin d’un coup de main aussi :slight_smile:
Est-ce que le formulaire sera bien en ligne le 15 ? Comme on fait le lancement le 14 je ne voudrais pas annoncer de bêtise :wink:
Merci d’avance !

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Merci @Carlota, je te tiens au courant! Les inscriptions sont censées d’ouvrir le 15 juin, mais il faut toujours regarder la formulaire @Marilyne @juliendorra ?

Hi !

Thanks to @tania_jenkins push, I digged up last year form and I’ll update it ASAP.

Note that the “call to participants” pages on the sites also need updating and are crucial as they explain much of what we are calling participants for :slight_smile: here are the 2016 versions, in 6 languages

I need :

  • the complete list of cities that host a Museomix event, in their native language
  • the specific weekend date for each city (in case some cities are not synchronized with the group, as it has been the case from time to time)
  • the global date for closing the call (a single date would be better / simpler / clearer to communicate, if feasible)

Note that each city/local community should have a page on the website similar to the ones linked here for 2016 :
Is that setup already? Whos is missing?
This is important as it helps would be participants to decide and get to know the city, museum, community!

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot Julien for this email.

We, Museomix MX are missing in the setup of site

What do we need to do ? How can we have access to the global site for edition? Or how does t he editions work?

Also, we were wondering when is the registration starting? We thought it was starting today!

Thanks a lo t for you help



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Hi @juliendorra !
Here the italian cities/museums that are going to host museomix 2017:

Let us know if you need more information!


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Hey all,

We need your museum presentation:

  • description
  • wherabouts
  • openings hours
  • spaces to remix
  • picture

see the example :
check that your community presentation exists, if not please write it

before monday morning, Please put all your presentation here :

We need help for putting all this content in the website, thank you for your help !

Thank you all for being mobilised, we all are volunteers with little time and heavy schedule, thank you for helping keeping the event co-organized.

Thank you,


PS : @paula_grg you looked at 2016, this year is not launched, we are wainting for the element above

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I set up a draft Edition 2017 page here:

We’ll start from this french version, then copy the edits in the translations.

You can view this preview only if you are an editor/writer on the website.

(when published it will be at )

PS: If you want to help writing/editing or translating on the website, that would be very welcomed :slight_smile: I can point you to the right pages! Every page can be translated in one or another of the 6 languages of the Museomix community. It’s quite useful to find a page that is not translated in your language and try and translate it.

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Hi, is the information in English sufficient for Monday?


Dear global community, our facebook page is ready to be released: We kindly request that it be placed on, in “Find your Museomix community” and on the websites and social networks that you find convenient. Thank you!!!”

Hello all,

I hope you’re OK with this sunny Sunday.

@Marilyne : Belgian presentation is on the drive. I’ve put only the French and the English versions. I’m waiting for the Dutch version. It will be ready soon.
I added also a picture. Tell me if it’s OK.

@juliendorra : unable to see the draft version. Probably I don’t have enough rights.

By the way, thanks for all :wink:

Jean-Marc From MuseomixBE

Here is the list of cities I’m putting on the “Call for participants” :

Minas Gerais

If there’s is a city that shouldn’t be on the list, because there is in fact NO Museomix there this year, please tell me as soon as possible, because the form will go live monday morning.
(and we really don’y want people starting to apply for a city, and later having to tell them that there is in fact no Museomix there :frowning: )

Of course, if your city is missing (Berlin ??? Other cities in France ???) please do tell me so I can add it.

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One question​: is it the name of the city or the name of the community? Coz in our case the name of the City where MuseoMix will take place for the first time in Brazil is Belo Horizonte.
Minas Gerais is the name of the State and the name of the community, but not the city.
I agree putting Minas Gerais as a reference, but maybe somewhere is important to make clear that it is in BRAZIL.
Thank you