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Oh, sugar! for the webpage we wrote our resumé of museomix in Circuito Liberdade (Minas Gerais/Brazil) in english! Should we write in Portuguese too? In French will be almost imposible for our community :fearful:

Tomorrow morning, first think I will do at work (around 9 a.m in Brazil) is to get all the Logos of our partners (I do not have it all here, only at work) from Circuito Liberdade and send the final document in English. For us is very import that all LOGOS apear in the end of the text about Circuito Liberdade on the global website of Museomix. It helps us engage this partners and to future partners. Thanks


We use the name as a reference as a community can host a Museomix in various cities over the years (and sometime two even at the same time like the Belgium community in 2015!)

Also people who apply are supposed to get to know the places on the website before selecting a city.
For reference here is last year call with a clean list of cities pointing to full presentations:


great, so Minas Gerais it is!



@Marcela-Bresil Sorry, I meant "we use the name
of the city as a reference in the list, because the names/coverage of the communities vary a lot in range, from whole countries (Museomix Belgium), to region (Museomix Ouest), to just cities (Museomix Montreal).
So “Museomix Belo Horizonte” in your case for the event, and “the Minas Gerais community” seems clear for participants.


Updated with:


(that will be the first of the list, alphabetically :wink: )


La liste remplie ici : @juliendorra

Belo Horizonte


@juliendorra : Hi. I think you can add Fourmies, in France, from Museomix Nord. @NinaDebail will give you more détails :wink:

Pour MUSEOMIX Nord, nous participons avec les Eco-musées de l’Avesnois qui sont en train de finaliser leur dossier.
Plus précisément, nous allons remixer le Musée Du Textile et celui de la Vie sociale

Pour le dossier, il ne manque plus que les thématiques pour lancer les pistes de travail.


Ok than! thank you. Have a great day.



I ordered then in alphabetical order, easier to parse, and added the french form for Brussels/Bruxelles as it’s a bilingual city! :slight_smile:

Beautiful list, so diverse!
Now everyone: we need to flesh out the location pages so Museomixer can get to know the museums and communities better.

Belo Horizonte


The call for participants page and the form are online :slight_smile:

(places/cities are still missing, but will appear in the post when added to the site, as the tag is already there)

Please go and read them and check them for inaccuracies, bad links, bad dates, or things that could be missing compared to the French or English page (sometimes during translation we skip or shorten and it ends up less clear or lacking the full context. It’s good to be very explicit in the call, in french and english, but also in all other languages :smile: )

Feel free to compare with french or english for reference, and then correct the page in your language yourself directly by logging in the Wordpress backoffice ( – if you need an account, I can create one for you).

After modifying a page in your language, just press the Update button, et voilà, it will be live corrected on the site.

Please also go read and check the form here for errors in your language – but do not link directly to the form!

Why is it important to not link directly to the form? We learned along the years that it makes a difference when people really get to learn and understand (as much a possible) what Museomix is about, what we are expecting from them as participants, what we are giving them, etc.
If they go directly to the form, they miss information about skills, places/museums (missing at the moment but will be up soon), or even basic things like the fact that they are supposed to be there all 3 days, that they will team up with strangers… and it shows afterwards.

So please use the call page when spreading the news : or on your own website.

PS: About participation fees, are the amounts right for you? (especially in new countries– they are a part of your budget and help offset the cost of food, so they are important.)
Brazil, Austria, what will be your participation fees?


@juliendorra It’s really great. Thanks for all :smiley:

Cette année, 10 lieux seront prêts à vous accueillir

It’s not 12 places ? (in 8 countries)



Hi and thank you for the work you have done. Can you please give me an account for the backoffice.



Ciao @juliendorra
thanks for the great job! I found an error in the italian call:
here the wrong:
Nel caso in cui fossi selezionato, ti chiediamo di garantire la tua presenza per tutte e 3 le giornate dell’evento (11-12-13 Novembre 2016)

Here the updated one:
Nel caso in cui fossi selezionato, ti chiediamo di garantire la tua presenza per tutte e 3 le giornate dell’evento (10-11-12 Novembre 2017)

Can you please update it, or, if you want to give me an account here my email just to subscribe:

Thank you very much!


Hey, I created all the pages for missing communities and museums, and places in French. They all are in drafts (brouillons)

Please, check, change the language if necessary and fill in your pages.

You can connect here :
Login : coordlocal
Password : jgF5bCm5w8PVbC4d

Hope it helps,

MSX Midi-Py


Bjr Marielyn Besoin d’aide ! j’ai jamais fait ca!
Ces codes et password sont ils valables pour tous?

S’agit il bien des contenus que tu as demandé selon le modele “ANVERS” que tu nous as tramsnis?

La connexion avec mon mail ne marchant pas, puis-je avoir un nouveau code d’acces et un PW à l’adresse mail suivante.

Merci de ton aide

Enfin a partir de quand la page Museomix annonce t elle l’ouverture des candidatures museomixeurs?



Hi, in Austria the museum is providing for the catering -
would it be possible to say that the event is for free but accomodation needs to be paid by the people themselves? Of course MX Austria will help in finding them… or is this against the rules?


Hi, Marilyne!
I have tried a few times and with the password and login you provided, the following message appears: “ERROR: Invalid username or incorrect password.”. =/
Could you help us?

Many thaks!
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil


Hi, I have uploaded the Austrian informormation for the website here:


Same here. i can not log in :(.


Like Nina and Priscilia.