Formulaire d'enregistrement des participants 2017 | Registration form 2017


Ok, I reboot the password and will try :slight_smile:


Hey @nina, @Jean-Marc, @priscila, @Pierre_Saulay, @NinaDebail, @ElenaBertelli

You’ll find the credentials to access the website here:

Please, check the museums, places and communities :slight_smile:

Thank you !

(PS : as the forum is referenced on google I didn’t pu the acces right here)


Thanks a lot @juliendorra for all this work.

Can you make me an account for editing our page in spanish, and other spanish contents, please? Also, our fees this year will be 1500. Can we change this information in the website?

Thanks a lot again for your help.
Have a nice evening



Hey @paula_grg,

I’ll send you the credentials to connect.



désolée @Marilyne, je t"ai fait faux bond, entre les examens et l’aperomix ile de france, la famille etc, je n’ai pas de temps du tout… et le week-end ça a été pareil… du coup est-ce que c’est @juliendorra qui checke les dossiers, afin qu’on sache si on a tout bien rempli en Ile de France ? J’imagine que d’autres communautés se posent la même question.
quant à moi, je referai plus surface dans 2 semaines…

the sum up in english :slight_smile:
@juliendorra are you the one who check the museums files, as communities would like to be sure every thing is ok with their own files ? I could help more in a few weeks…

Merci/thank you, on s’est beaucoup reposés sur vous et on en a conscience !
à bientôt,


Pas de souci @CathBarra on est tous super chargé !

Je ne sais pas pour @juliendorra , sinon comme l’an passé on peut faire des relecture croisées. chaque communauté relie le dossier d’une autre et lui fait les retours :slight_smile: ce sera peut-être plus facile à répartir :wink:

In English : No problem, Catherine, we all are overbusy :slight_smile:
I don’t know for Julien, but we can maybe do as last year : crossed check of the dossiers, each community check the dossier of another community and give it feedbacks.


merci !
ce qui est peut-être un peu urgent, c’est le dossier qui sera mis en ligne pour les candidat.e.s muséomixeurs-ses, car du coup c’est ça qui retarde le lancement de l’appel à candidature… non ?

maybe the emergency is about the files which will be online on for the ones who will apply to become museomixers, because, that is why apply forms are not on line yet ?


Thanks a lot @Marilyne and @juliendorra !
But a message is poping out telleing that I dont have the rights of edition “Désolé, vous n’avez pas l’autorisation de modifier cet élément.” when trying to edit Appel a participants 2017 IN SPANISH.
Can you help us please?


Hey @paula_grg, please just tell me which account are you using ? Is the “coordlocal” account ?
Thanks !


Hi @Marilyne, Yes, exactly! Actually I can add new contents (I don’t know if I can publish them, yet) but I can’t edit the existing ones


ok, please, try again :slight_smile:


what I can do is duplicate one content and then edit it, but I can’t edit the existing one. Or maybe I missing something? Could you tell me step by step who to edit the already existing contents?


I think you’re doing right, I changed the right to let coordolocal access edited content, it was’nt possible. I’m gonna check the rights according to content type more closely :wink:


I think it’s good, please, try again @paula_grg


This is what is happening @Marilyne: I cant have de “Modifier” option

, while if I duplicate the idem i can:
But in that case It appears as a modify iden in “portuguese” category even if it’s in spanish and when I publish it, it’s not on line the new edited version from the duplicated one!

and this is only appearing in the duplicated item that I created, not in the original one.

Thanks again for your help


@samy please help :slight_smile:


Or @Marilyne, can yo unpublish the Convocatoria 2017 de Julien Dorra in spanish please? Maybe in that case I can publish my version?


Yes, I copied your text in the good page and will delete the one you created. Allright ?


The page Published by julien, is the page were all the language version are so I can’t unpublish it.
I add your text to it, please check @paula_grg :


Ok Great! Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile:
@Marilyne, have a nice evening! Cheers