Fun Funding (communication) - support

Hi all, Youtube\Google offers since almost 2 years now a new form (targeted to exploting the power of single users talents and so on) the FUN FUNDING via videos.

I hope I am wrong, and I am sure somebody of you have talked about this in groups and Aperitivos, but this is really something Museomix (especially in the Communication campaign) as a People funded event and “adventure”, as a project “by the people, for the people” should be seriously,professionaly be thinking about.

How can Fun Funding (videos on youtube) be used as an advantage for Museomix … ?
Why should Fun Funding youtube be outside Museomix talks ? (instead)

If you don’t know about Fun Funding you can check this here in a few lines. (it’s out in France since a few months, If I am not wrong since october 2015) … you are lucky.
In Italy we have only the “donation card” which is for no profit. Fun funding is also for no profit and has no taxation.

Of course if we speak like these there is a whole lot of options that could be used (like Crowdfunding websites etc.) but specifically to speak to modern generation (as I’d like to call the the #YOUtubeNATION ) not considering a “communication project” based also on fun funding, well for me is a lost opportunity. Don’t you think?

Merci, bonne journeé!