Help about Museomix Kids

Hi everybody!

More news from Ecuador.

We have a new co-organizer for 2019 edition which is a ONG associated to a technology company, and their mission is to engage the community with digital culture.

So, they are also interested in exploring the Museomix Kids format, in order to analyze if we can run than this or next year.

That’s why I am asking help from communities which have made Museomix Kids, to teach me more about this format.

Hope someone can help us with this.


Museomix Ecuador

Hi Gabriela,

In Switzerland we make 2 Museomix Kids and we will have one more in autumn.
The format is inspired from the standard but adapted: 5 days (during holiday) and 2 days of exposition (the weekend). The daily planing is approximately from 8 am until 6 pm with gaming moments, …

But finally we have prototypes like with the standard events.

Some links from the last edition:

For more informations you can contact @jynze.


Hi Gabriela, Luca,

Thank’s for this subject! Allow me to take a view of other significant exeriences.
In France, Brittany, we want to make a Museomix Kids with a school.
We want to build this edition all along the year, for a final event in 4 days like a workshop in the school (3 classes, for children of 4 to 10 years old). Our subject: the Cotes d’Armor territory, with a general line about the hospitality, me and others, and the Other… ( general line in construction with the school for this moment).
Luca, can you have a debriefing of the Museomix Kids built with the community? What is the feedback from the person that built this edition? How many people, what is the work organisation…

Irianne, MuseomixOuest

( I copy this message to jynze)