How is it going?

Hey Community! How are you? :slightly_smiling_face:
Here in Italy the situation is not so easy but mostly under control.
With many members of Museomix Italia we are waiting for things to be more clear to understand if this forced stop will affect in any way Museomix 2020’s roadmap (or feasibility?).
Obviously it’s pretty soon for any kind of statement, but we were wondering if other communities were thinking about those potential scenarios.



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Hi Marco,

In Switzerland the situation is also complicated, for now we don’t have any plan for 2020 Museomix events but we have 1 or 2 MuseomixKIDS planed but now not confirmed.

In general probably we need to change the first deadlines for this year events.



ciao Luca

Yep, I agree with you; I think that that posticipate would be a safe thing to do as soon we will have more detail about the ongoing issues timing. Right now museums have other priorities other than thinking about whether hosting a remix (or other linked events) or not.
Hope we will have soon (good) news about this topic :slight_smile: