Inter-Co Bologna 2018

Hello ! @Ros @NinaDebail @Marilyne @Margot @celia_cbo @Carlota
I don’t know if the date of the next Inter-Co mmeting is yet decided, but I think It would be a good idea not to choose the same date as the AMCSTI annual congress : 2-4 of July 2018 (near Lille).

Je ne sais pas si les dates de la prochaine réunion Inter-Co sont déjà fixée, mais il me semble que ce serait une bonne idée de veiller à choisir des dates différentes de celles du congrès annuel de l’AMCSTI qui aura lieu à côté de Lille (Villeneuve d’Asq) du2 au 4 juillet 2018.

Non cognosco se la data dei prossimo Inter-Co incontrando è prescelta, ma io penso che sarebbe una buona idea per non scegliere la stessa data come l’AMCSTI congresso annuale : 2-4 luglio 2018 (Lille vicino).
a presto ! :slight_smile:



@CathBarra si tu viens à Lille pour le congrès de l’AMCSTI n’hésite pas à me prévenir !


Dear @Ros any news about the dates for the interco meeting in Bologna? We were talking about the end of June but what about this AMCSTI issue? Maybe it might be the week before…

ok, Antoine, j’espère que je vais pouvoir y aller, ça fait plusieurs fois que ça ne m’est pas possible, et les programmes m’ont toujours paru super intéressants ! Tu penses y aller ?

Interco happens always during the weekend, so: it’s almost decided for Saturday 30th June/ Sunday 1st July, but it doesn’t overlap with this event in Lille.

I will confirm this date within this week, I promise :slight_smile:

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:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

Next Interco-Meeting confirmed in Bologna, Italy
Sat 30th June / Sun 1st July
We’re also planning a conference on Friday 29th afternoon (topic around collaborative projects in museums, to be better defined, good practices are welcome),
so you’re invited to reach Bologna since Friday, if you can :slight_smile: :airplane:

In the next weeks we’re going to better define a general schedule, also considering who is partecipating from Museomix Italia, and we’re going to collect the number of participants in order to define the location and arrange some couchsurfing :sleeping_bed:

Too early to define the programme, but I remind you the intermediate skypecall to be defined around half April :roll_eyes:

Feel free to ask for any further information, in the meantime!
Have a nice weekend and see you soon in Italy :sunglasses:

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It’s very attractive ! Hope I can join you.


Yes !!! Museomix Occitanie Pyrénées will come :slight_smile:
@Kwandika :wink:

I don’t know if I can come… I will maybe be in a festival…


Hi Rosanna,
Many thanks for the invitation/confirmation. For sure, Museomix AuRA will assist the meeting. We still have to talk together in order to announce who will actually represent our community.
Have a nice Easter celebration !
Jean Pierre

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Hi Rossana
this is such a great invitation ! I will do my best to come ! Talking bout it soon at the next aperomix with the Occitanie community :grin:

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Hi Rosanna !
though I think I will be “communityless” in june, leaving Paris to go to… I still don’t know where (!), I 'll try to come !


Hello @Ros ,

I warned my management of the date of the Interco so that they can anticipate. For now nothing is done but it is on track!

Oh yeah !
See you soon,

Nina for Museomix Nord

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Hello there, it’s Anna from Museomix IT Community, nice to be there :wink:
I’m going to give you some hot news about June 29th Conference and 30th/ 1st July Interco in Bologna :muscle:
You can find attached the application form to attend the meeting. Please fill it asap if you’d like to be with us this summer! There are some planning questions such as accomodation, needed in order to make your experience in Italy unforgettable :classical_building::european_castle:


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Def coming with MuseomixBE! Ready for some serious spaghetti bolognese :wink:


For family reasons, i won’be able to participate to this inter-co meeting !

@antoine.matrion, see you soon and take care :slight_smile:

I’ll be there! :crossed_fingers:


Hi everyone! I’m Imma from Museomix Italia :wave:

As you already know the next Inter-Co will take place in Bologna :icecream: :spaghetti::biking_woman::biking_man:

We are working for you :muscle: and hope to see lots of you there!
If you are coming just make sure to let us know by filling the application form on Google :sleeping_bed:

Don’t forget that if you can catch an early :airplane: or :steam_locomotive: or :ship: we have got a very interesting conference planned for June 29th :speaking_head:

Hope to see you all soon !!! :earth_africa::classical_building:

@Ros @Ilaria


Couches matter: we’re working on widening our offer of free beds, and in the meantime asking for cheap accomodations in case you’re more than we can host, even because in Bologna during those days there is a huge international cinema festival “Il Cinema Ritrovato” :wink:

@NinaDebail @ClaireJ @jean_pierre_girard @Margot @Mariana @Marcela-Bresil @gabrielamenag @Jean-Marc

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