Licensing of (parts of)prototypes and derivative works

Hi everybody,

MuseomixBE is following up the further development of some of the prototypes that were developped at le Musée Royal de Mariemont (2015) and the MAS in Antwerp (2016).

I would like to know more about the general practice other Museomix communities have concerning the further development of prototypes. Do we generally stay out of the whole process like the following text would suggest:

“Un musée peut choisir de pérenniser un prototype : il s’engage alors à contacter l’équipe qui a développé l’idée originale pour lui proposer le projet. Le type de contractualisation entre le musée et l’équipe sort du périmètre de Museomix : c’est un accord à définir entre les parties concernées. Il faut savoir que la pérennisation demande un réel travail de développement à partir du prototype (ce n’est pas la “suite logique”).”

…or do other communities follow up this process aswell and if so, to what extent is that process formalised according to the “open” ideals of Museomix?

Which licenses do we recommend for:
-Content, images, etc. : I imagine Creative Commons licenses. However, do we require or recommend CC BY or CC BY SA, where the SA or share alike clause requires the developer who uses (parts of a) prototype to publish their finished project under a free license again. If so, where do we want to publish all of this content? Can we host it on the museomix global website?

“From Creative Commons webiste:
We recommend against using Creative Commons licenses for software. Instead, we strongly encourage you to use one of the very good software licenses which are already available. We recommend considering licenses made available by the Free Software Foundation or listed as “open source” by the Open Source Initiative.”

Which license do we propose for open source software?

Is there an open software license which is equivalent to a share alike license, which ensures that all derivatives will also be released freely?

Finally, I think we need to determine whether Museomix is content with reuse and (be it commercial or not) development of the prototypes or if we want to go a step further and require that also the derivative work should be released under an open license?

Thanks for your input and looking forward to another great year!

Sam Donvil


Hello Sam,

Sorry for my English :wink:

I’m Damien from MuseomixAURA. I’m currently preparing the panel discussion about the “pérennisation des prototypes” which will take place on Friday 7th July during the Museomix Summer Camp.

This panel discussion will concern the second life of the prototype created during Museomix editions.
We will talk about the multiples dimensions of the further developement of the prototypes : funding, license, involvement of the museomixer’s team/the local community…

Will you be present at the Museomix Summer Camp ?
It would be interesting if you can participate in this panel discussion to share your questions and feedback about Belgian museums and Museomix prototypes !

Best regards,