Makestorming tools

Hello everybody,

We were a few people from nod-A’s team attending the last intercommunity meeting in Lyon. We had the pleasure to show you our Makestorming tools :

  • the Ideamaker that can be use for the ideation / brainstorming phase
  • the Stormboard to help teams to define their vision of a user centric solution
  • the Appmaker fot teams who work on a digital interface (mobile app, website …)
  • the Pitchmotion to help teams to create the day-1 and day-2 restitution.

It was discussed to create a special GLAM set of cards that could be use with the Ideamaker. It’s a full set to prepare and facilitate a brainstormning session, that comes with a thematic set of cards. We could write the cards content together (@samuelbausson has already written some content) and someone from nod-A would do the graphic design. It can be quickly developped and be ready on Novembre for Museomix 2017. The content will be under CC licence and nod-A would own the IP for graphic design. We have no intention to sell this set of cards outside of Museomix, or at the production cost if someone ask.

For those who’d be interessed in getting some tools for the next Museomix, we propose a special offer (see all the details here). The document is in French, we can send you one in English if you want to. For any request and/or order, you can drop an email to Clotilde :
One important point : there is an english version for all our tools !




Hello Marine and all,

Yes, I am still up for a “Glam” version of the Idea Maker and I’d be happy to contribute
(and make an english translated version)

To start here is a list of possibles cards to use :
I thought about this with @juliendorra and @BenoitVallauri

I know that Museomix Midipy also made a similar card game that might give other ideas. cc @Marilyne


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Hi everybody.

If i can help, i’m ready to go ! But not for translate (my taylor is rich, but my english is poor :).
Thanks for this tools.



I think we have a core team for the Glam Ideamaker here :slight_smile:

@BenoitVallauri, what’s your email address ? I will put you in touch with Tobias who’s in charge of the Ideamaker developement at nod-A. Mine is



@BenoitVallauri & @samuelbausson si vous vous faites un moment là-dessus IRL, je veux bien jouer avec vous :slight_smile: a+

De manière un peu hussarde, ça fait 2 fois que j’utilise le championnats des possibles, un coup dans une version musée, et un coup dans une version complètement personnalisée pour un projet. Mais les 2 fois j’avais ajouté “En attendant” et “En mouvement” dans les adjectifs du futur (même si c’est à discuter comme placement) et ça donne des choses intéressantes. Mes 2c :wink: