Multilinguisme at Summer Camp! Help

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About the Summer Camp, the Brazilian community is making an effort to go, it is very far and expensive, but we believe that it is essential to build the Circuito Liberdade´s museomix project and we want to get in thought with other communities.The main issue is the language.

There is any possibility that someone translates part of the discussions during camp to English/Spanish or Portugues :wink: ?
I’ve seen other communities that want to go to Lyon but have the same difficulty!

Anyway, I want to congratulations all the communities involved in building the Summer Camp program. It looks really good and necessary.

See you soon!


great news
Creative Museum event ( 6 july) will be in english.
It is the same question for Friday / Saturday meetings / workshops.
There will also be other countries represented, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and EU, Spain …
@Marilyne @celia_cbo @Sam_G can you confirm that the workshops will be well be in English (and / or that a bis will be possible in English).
@marcela, I ask Adeline (franco / brazil) if she is ok to help to translate for you.

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Adeline is ok to help translation french/portuges on saturday. You can ask her more information :

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@juliettegiraudpro thank you so much. Just wrote a e-mail to Adeline.

Most will be in French, and I think for the intercommunities discussion it will be French / English

Maybe we can define a group of people who can translate in the same time on a pad or orally, who will be there and speaks another language ?
@Jean-Marc @tania_jenkins @leila_bouanani @Alina @ElenaBertelli @Fien @MelissaChiquet @Chiara_org … and those I forgot :slight_smile:

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If needed I can translate between Italian and French in booth directions.

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Cool @lpalli !

I created a sheet where we can enter our names :

@Sam_G @celia_cbo

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Hi all,

If some one can do it to English would be cool but my French is really bad so I’m not really able to do that… Sorry!

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Hi! I won’t be able to go, but I can surely help translating texts form french/english to portuguese : )

Best regards,

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Thanks @beaforti . Very kind of you!
there are a few documents that we already need to translate like the form for Museomixers applications, or museomix daily step by step…hummm there are others, just not sure which one! We already translated a few, you can see it on


Marcela França

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Hey, no problem if you don’t have a good French. Maybe you can just follow the fact that we are taking care of having translator at each meeting ? Thanks !

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