Museomix 2017 // second call approaching

Hi all, the second call for museo mixers will open very soon and in the previous round we had some issues with applicants whose form was never received or with people waiting for a long time to get a feedback.
Can we set in an automatic reply to instantly give everyone a receipt notification? so they know the application went through .
Any other idea? it would be fair indeed to let them know things went smoothly so they just wait for the final decision.
Thank you!

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Hey all,

Yes @Chiara_org, I think it is a good idea!
Please all, we need the list of the places who need to participate to second call and the profiles they lack.
who is full?

Brasil is ready with the trasnlation in portuguese. @juliendorra can you help for the second call, planned september 1st ?



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Hi! Where can I find the content to translate it to spanish? Thanks and regards!

Mariana, nosotros traducimos el formulario de la web de mismo. Pero claro, te tienen que dar el acceso para que publiques las modificaciones ahí.

En realidad todavía no nos han arreglado de poner en línea el formulario en portugués, cosa que no podemos acabar de hacerlo, solo una persona de la comunidad puede y no hemos tenido feedback. Bastante estresada estamos porque en Brasil la segunda llamada es la única.

Gracias Marcela por la info! si yo creo que he ido traduciendo en la web las cosas, pero no tengo claro cuando se crea contenido nuevo, como los traductores nos damos cuenta :slight_smile: ¿Podrías pasarme el enlace de la última info a traducir para asegurarme que mañana la info está en español? Vamos más lento… pero ya vamos!! Facebook @museomixesp :wink:

Hello @Marilyne and community in general.
Here at Museomix Lausanne, Switzerland we will open for the second call.
In particular we are looking for makers (fabrication), designers (graphisme et mise en forme) and programmers (codeurs)! :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance from Museomix CH!

Hi! we will reopen the call, we are still missing these profile for MuseoMix / Archeologico in Terni: 2 programmers, 2 makers, 2 communicateurs. Finger crossed!

Hey @all,

Please could you fill this file to update second call ? Part in yellow (H I J column)

It will be easier than having all your answers in this thread. Thank you !

Also, I remind you that you have the rights with the coordolocal login to modify the call to participant page for each of your language, I can help if you doubt something :slight_smile:

@juliendorra are you in ?

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@mariana, I guess we already have the Spanish version

Yes sure! i cannot edit, can you check if it’s open to be edited?

Hi, there are still places left for MX Innsbruck!

I also had the problem that I have not received the applications, so I think an automatic process would be a good idea.

oops! from the link you posted I see the sheet in read-only mode :no_mouth:

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Me too! Could you please give me access ( Thanks!

in case you need it to give access: :slightly_smiling_face:

if it could be of some help, I asked permission to modify from the blue button which reads “read only” (or something similar if you have a translated version). It opens a small menu from which you may send a request).
Still no answer, but it may be another way :wink:

Here is the link again, the file is in Museomix 2017 drive (at the root)

Does everybody has an access to Museomix 2017 drive ? Please could you check ? (All docs shared are there)
send request if needed :slight_smile:

I will not be available during this week end, I guess each of has the right of edition of the pages to update the website, please just share it here when the update for second all is ok for your community :slight_smile:

Thanks !

@juliendorra please could you share the rights of edition of the form? As you’re not available, we cannot do nothing… It would be good to share the document used in common to have more than one person in charge, to be sure someone can answer I think.

I have checked.
Mine is ok now :+1:t2:
Thanks Marilyne!

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Hello to all community!

As the call to museomixer starts today, and we do not receive a return about putting the form in Portuguese online, we have created a form and we’re going to put it on the portuguese page of, all right?

You can see the form here:

This means that the registration information will go to our email address, but of course we will make all the information available to the Global Community.

We’re are anxious for the begginig of the inscriptions!


Well done Priscila, I asked @juliendorra this morning about the form, he told me that he would do it today, but you are right, you need to begin inscriptions.
Hope you will have plenty of applies.