Museomix Ecuador 2018 - 2019

Hello everybody

We are sorry that our connection to participate in the inter-co Normandie didn’t worked well. We were really willing to have this videochat and share with you, as if we were there at Normandie.

Any way, we want to let you all know about our experience in Ecuador during 2018, and our plans for 2019.

Our first Museomix experience in 2018 run excelent, we totally exceed our expectations, and we were able to consolidate a core team of Museomix with four people that are still working for Museomix EC, and that are completely involved in the organization. (Gabriela, María-Sara, Carla and Alexandra)

In 2018 we also were able to work with more than 20 institutions and entrepeneurs that collaborated in the different activities with their know-how, materials, and all kinds of resources. That is how we were able to have 4 previos workshops “TalleresMIX” to engage people before the 3 day marathon, and also have first quality technological and mechanical construction resources including a techshop and a wood construction lab. Also we got the support from a design university in Spain and a museum in Colombia, so we recieved two international coachs.

During the marathon we got a total of 75 participants including museomixers, volunteers, coachs, museum staff, logistics, communication…

This was a life-changing experience for several or the people involved. We still recieve testimonies and congratulations. For example there are design and technology students that have started working with museums or that are looking forward to do so. One of the coachs that leads a cultural space of the city, hired one of the participants to work in the implementations of resources for hadicapped in their new exhibit. Some members of the teams were sceptical of the results and at the end they were amazed of the quality of the multidisciplinary team-work, and are willing to apply that methodology in their institutions. We also recieved congratulations of museum directors that send their staff to participate, and were glad to see the great enthousiam that they shared in their institutions after the marathon.

About Museomix 2019, it is a reality that will happen on Ecuador next November. On Monday we are signing the agreement with the Ministry of Culture for the economic support for this year. And we already have verbal agreements with some private institutions that are going to continue working with Museomix this year, due to the great experience of 2018.

Also, with the whole experience of 2018 we learned a lot from our mistakes and we are working to make 2019 edition better. We didn’t had the time to make a formal evaluation with all the people involved, and we are hoping to improve that for 2019. We are formalizing and improving our internal management processes so that the responsabilities of the team and partners are clear. We are developing better communication strategies to reach more participants of areas like technology and contents developement. We are making some changes in the way we associate with public and private institutions to keep Museomix self-sufficent and independent, so we are thinking about creating some sort of legal association (still analyzing that).

So, as you can see now we are already working in Museomix 2019, with the whole enthousiasm left by the great experience of 2018.

We have defined our dates for the first public Apero-Mix (May), museum-calls (May-June), participant-calls (July-September), and we are waiting for your information about the dates of the marathon in November. Please let us know that as soon as possible.

Hoping to keep in touch with you to continue sharing our journey to Museomix 2019.

See yo soon!

Gabriela and Maria Sara
Museomix EC


Hello Gabriela, hello Maria Sara,

Great, great, great !
Her in Caen (InterCo meeting), we are very impressed by the results you achieved ; so bad that we could not have a direct conversation…
The report of the Caen meeting is already (partly) on line at
It will be completed in the coming hours & days.
This (sunday) morning, we are talking about calendar, then documentation of the prototypes produced during the event.

Looking forward to hear/read you soon,
Have a great day !
Jean Pierre
(Museomix AuRA-Lyon)

Hello again,
The present version is in french :thinking: it will be translated in english in the next days :grinning:
Have a nice day,
Jean Pierre

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Thanks Jean Pierre

We will check out the report. To me it’s fine in french.

We have all the documentation of our results of 2018 just in spanish, it is going to be really hard to translate it, so I don’t know if you would like us to share our documents in spanish.

Hope we can have an skype soon to share easily.


Hello Gabriela
That’s good news, all that. I’m glad you could do all this during your 2018 edition.
As for 2019, the year promises to be a busy one and that’s good news.
As @jean_pierre_girard said, the interco minutes should be online in the coming days.
See you soon
Justine (Mixroom Interco 2018 and Museomix AuRA-Lyon)

Hi Gabriela,
nice to read how it is going in Ecuador :slight_smile:

I’ve pasted your text in the doc, together with some more info from Italy.
Thank @jean_pierre_girard for the great job you promise us :wink:


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