Museomix Italia and Wikimedia

Bonjour à tous!
Wikimedia Italia contact us to propose a partnership between them and Museomix Italia and to think along with us on how to engage wikipedia contributors in Museomix.
Is there any community which have already forged a similar partnership? Does anyone would like to give us some suggestions?

We have already imagined two types of involvement:

  • invite wikipedians during the organizational phase, in order to involve them in detecting and processing contents useful for the development of Terrains de jeux.

  • provide one or more wikipedians to support the équipes during the 3 days of museomix (finding and editing contents, create or improve Wikipedia entries concerning the prototype, the collection or the museum…

@juliettegiraudpro @juliendorra @Marilyne @lpalli @Ros @Chiara_org @Fabrice_Denise1 @MargheritaSani @Alina What do you think about it? We would like to structure this partnership as best as we can, in order to obtain a real advantage from it and to create a positive case history for Museomix.

All the best, Elena


Ciao Elena,

Sorry for the late response.

In 2014 we had some contacts with wikipedians but finally we don’t make any collaboration.
The “problem” was intention from the wikipedians to include contents from the museum ( under Creative Commons Licenses in the Wikimedia Commons project but the museum don’t agree.

I think that a collaboration is a great idea but finding an agreement between Wikimedia and the museum can be difficult. For what I know about the copyrights management in Italian museums the situation is not better has in Switzerland, but maybe in small museums it’s easier…


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Hello Elena,
I hope you’re ok ! (Happy to meet you in Lyon in July.)
I have no knowledge of a formal partnership already achieved with wikipedia but it seems interesting. I know that wikipediens used to be museums partners in event like “wikiday in museums”.
Perhaps by developing this type of project first in Italy, and if you, the Italian community, share the information about the “mechanical of this partnership” , other museomix communities could also develop it with the wikipediens of their territory ?
Also, we can imaging a global partnership for all… it depends of the needs of all…
@juliendorra might be the good contact around this question…

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