Museomix JOIN THE ADENTURE - visual and video support

Dear all,

As you may know, Museomix CH has created various visual and video supports for its campaign “join the adventure”. The key message is “remix museums around the world”.

We are reminding you know that these supports at you disposal and that you can use or adapt them in your communication if you like to. The communication support have purposely been made universal and not only specific to the swiss community.

You can find them on : 1

We will also make a second round of the campaign during the second participant call to trigger our CH community to cross the borders and participate to your Museomix events this year.

We are wishing you a great summer and a wonderful time selecting your motivated participants !

Amanda for MX CH


Thank you for thinking “global” ! There might be an error on the link, which only lead to a gif, not to a file…


Hi Margo,

My bad, thank you so much for notifying me !
Here is the good link : 1


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THANK YOU :heart_eyes:
Good job!
I especially love the tote bags given by @lpalli during the last interco, do you have the visual too?

About the video(s), it could be great to upload it on the Museomix : the Mixroom Youtube channel, what do you think?
cc @NinaDebail @Kwandika

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Hi @celia_cbo,
I added this one in the folder:

Have a great day,