Museomix Mexico 2016 HELP PLEASE!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing great with the organization of museomix!

On our side, we are having a hard time: our main sponsor decided not to support us this year. That means we don’t have any money.

We are trying to decide how to solve this problem and maybe to have an small version of museomix during THE weekend. We were thinking about something like Ile-de France did last year at Cité des sciences.

Can you give us some advice on how to react under this circumstances?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Have a nice day


@Marine si tu as des tuyaux

hi Paula, we are doing a “sprint” this year (as msx Normandie did already twice cc @Margot )
Here is our evolving format for the 5th of november in musée de Saint brieuc (in french) :
We do “light” prototyping with electronics but no wood cutting (cardboards instead),
5 teams only. And we simplified the teams : 4 profiles = technos (maker or coder), presentations (communication or/and graphism), design ux (instead of “mediation” which not clear), content
we’ll only ask for 3 profiles different in a teams. Teams can be 3 or 5 people. This gives more room to let people self organize as they wish. Also it make it possible to skip the “selection” process which is a bit a pain to manage in my opinion.

The total cost will be very low. we do with what we can gather around us. we’ll have to buy some consumable small materials (a few conductors, special papers…)
we ask 15 euros to pays for meals (2 during the day) expenses

Hope you’ll find a way to keep going
Take care


I think you can make a one day event, because it is actually not so expensive.

We did it twice en Normandy, as Samuel said. If you need some informations or advices about the museosprint and how we made it, you can ask (here or by email) ! Or maybe if you prefer we can have a web conf.

Have a nice day,
Museomix Normandy

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Thanks for all your answers ! I will contact you for more details beacuse I really want to know how to do small format museomix style events.

Good luck for this edition!



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