Museomix Mexico 2016 (update)

Hello everybody!,
After a few months of long negotiations with our possible museums and sponsors, we finally have everything in place. The University Science Museum (Universum ), will be hosting this year edition.
Since last year they were very active supporting us.
Our community is ready to work, the museum is really enthusiastic to start this project and our sponsors are highly motivated. We know that we already lost the first call to participants and it is clear for us that we have to work really hard to catch up! This is our proposal to synchronize our edition with the international schedule:

  1. We will start with a communications campaign to let people know about Universum as host of this year edition at the end of this week.
  2. Our second Aperomix will be hold at the beginning of September to inform the community about this edition details.
  3. We will prepare evertything to have on mid september our call for participants (the only one we are going to do), joining the international call for participants. We asume that it will be a hard work to gather 5 to 6 teams but since the Universum museum belongs to the UNAM, which is the biggest university and academic organization in Mexico, we are very positive that with their support we will have enough participants that would like you join us this year.
  4. Also for next week we will have ready the paper work with the museum
    This message intends to summed up we are we standing with Museomix MX. I believe we are right on track, ready get started and very enthusiastic!
    Your feedback on this plan will be very valuable for us, thanks for your undestanding and support.
    I will be looking forward to here about you.
    Nice Sunday!

@RobertoLopez Hi Roberto, very nice to get in contact with you!
As you need to be very fast in communication and also in finding a good team, I would like to tell you what we are doing in Basel right now.
We are launching a “face-campaign” in september - each day there will be a picture (selfie) of one person involved in Museomix on our instagram page with one short statement - Why Musomix?- this is very easy and fastly done and we hope to find many new people this way… maybe it would be also helpful for you and it is easy to do!

Wish you good luck and I’ll send speedvibes to mexico, to make the organisation happen in the short time!
Best wishes, Iris

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