Museomix Mexico CANCELLED

Dear Museomix community,
I must regrettably notify you that the 2016 Museomix MX edition is being cancelled.
As you know our community depends strongly on our sponsors. Two weeks ago we received an email from our main sponsor telling us that due to a corporate problems they are no longer in the position to provided the resources they had offered.

Our community has always looked for creative solutions in all kind of situations. We have analyzed different options to continue with the organization of Museomix MX, but in all our ideas we came into a vicious cycle concerning time and financial resources.
The host museum has been informed, they showed very supportive and they are willing to host our community next year. We are also going to inform all the invitees, allies, media and community of our decision. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will see our decision positively and support it. Even though we have cancelled Museomix MX 2016, we will organize a get-together Aperomix at the beginning of 2017 to start again.
If you want to know more about this year´s process please contact me and I will be very pleased to share with you all our enriching experience.
Thank you all and have a great Museomix!

So sorry for the mexican community… @RobertoLopez I really hope there will be a Museomix next year ! Please keep on informing us how the communitiy is doing :slight_smile:

Dear @RobertoLopez and your Team!!
We are also very sorry for this result. Museomix is a challenge for everyone with many up and downs. I am sure that you did a great job in the last months in trying to bring it to reality! SO ALL THE GOOD VIBES FOR MUSEOMIX MIEXICO 2017!!
All the best, Iris & Team MX Basel

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Very sorry to hear this, Hope this gives you more time to negotiate for next year and be back with us in 2017 with all the means you need to create a strong «come back» edition :slight_smile:


Museomix Qc

Thank you @Marilyne, @Irist and @verob for the good vibes and your kind messages…
Our community in Mexico will be following your Museomixes. Best wishes to you. You are about to fly very high, enjoy the ride!! :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Hello @RobertoLopez, you’re right, Museomix needs good vibes, I’m sorry you cancelled this year and hope we can help you next time. See you on the #mixroom channel and keep in touch : people make museum.

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