Museomix preparation in Brazil!

Hi Global Community! :heart_eyes::crazy_face::hugs::star_struck:

Here in Brazil all the Minas Gerais’Community is working hard to prepare and enjoy Museomix 2017 Circuito Liberdade.

We would like o share with you what we’ve being doing!

In august 19 we made “Minimix”, a test event for Museomix. Three teams of museomixers pass by the Museomix step by step in only one day! It was a amazing experience - 40 people participated and 3 prototypes were created. From “Minimix” some important doubts and understandings have arisen, and it was really helpful to continue planning Museomix. A lot of photos of the event are here:

In august 23, 24 and 25 we’ve receive a training about Museomix, done by @cmonnet, @MarialyaB and @celia_cbo, and about 50 people participated. It was really great and important for us to understand better the marathon and solve some doubts. The video about the training can be watch here:

Since march this year, at least once a month the Work Groups of the Minas Gerais Community get together to discus the areas of Museomix: technical, content, communication, logistics and mediation. These meetings are often productive and make the planning process move forward.

We created, along with several partners, an “Associate Programming of Museomix” - more than 100 activities as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, promoted in the cultural spaces of Circuito Liberdade by entrepreneurs, collectives of artists, academics, makers and “reinventors” of our local culture, in the period of September, October and November.
The Programming can be found in our website:

The community also created a number of Graphic Material and also videos to inform and divulge about Museomix, see here:

In partnership with the company JChebly, the Associate Programming of Museomix and the Museomix marathon are being divulgate in airports, drugstores, hotels.

The Museomixers Kit is being imagined by a partner university. It isn’t ready yet, but take a look: (we just love the bags!)

About the call for participants, ending September 30, we had some inscriptions for outside Brazil, and we’ll make it available to you as soon as the call closes. Likewise, we would like to know if you received inscriptions of people that want to museomixar in Brazil!

As we move forward, it would be a pleasure to exchange more information with you all and put the documents online on google drive.

Best regards from Brazil!!


This is all very exciting!
Great work!