Museomix Québec - 4-5-6 novembre 2016 > we need your input :)

Hi everyone,

As you probably know by now, Museomix Quebec will happen one weekend before everyone else. That means there will be no videos from you guys to show at the end of each day :frowning:

So, if you happen to have some time (what?!! did I really ask that question 2 weeks before Museomix?!!) and feel like it, please send me a short video from your community this week, just to say hello, good luck, or show us what you’re working on as we prepare to live our third edition of Museomix.

Let’s keep it as a surprise. Direct message me you video here or send them by email a

If you can do it before Thursday November 3rd, than just share it on social media (FB, Instagram or Twitter) please.

Also, please check us out on the social media next week! #WeAreMuseomix #MuseomixQc

We’ve asked people from our mixroom to do the same the following week :slight_smile:

Last stretch for us! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hi Vero ! We will try to do something I don’t know how but tnhinking about it !

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