Museomix Zagreb

Hi there!
I’m contacting you on the behalf of Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace (, as we will be the co-organizers of the first Museomix Zagreb 2018 jointly with our partner Technical Museum Nikola Tesla where the event is set to take place. is also partner in the project Creative Museum / Making Museum where we were introduced into the concept od Museomix by Juliette Giraud. We also took part at the Museomix Nice training in 2015 led by Fabrice Denise, we were at all Creative Museum events so far.

Museomix was also presented in Zagreb by Marilyne Barisic and Margot Frénéa in March 2017 within the program of A/C/T/S Creative Museum conference that gathered 134 participants. Four Radiona members also visited presentation event of Museomix Lyon and Aperomix Museomix Lyon in 2017. We hope this Museomix Zagreb might be a great opportunity inspire Croatia Museums to start organizing Musemix events in their spaces, as well as to inspire the region too.

The social media tools for Museomix Zagreb are already created: Facebook, Twitter.
We haven’t set up yet the visuals, so the pages are not yet for sharing.

I’m here for all further questions by the Museomix community, the same as I will have lots of questions in the future.


Deborah Hustic
Project manager and Curator of Radiona/Zagreb Makerspace


Welcome on board, Deborah. :smiley:

Jean-Marc from Museomix Belgium


Happy to hear this @MuseomixZagreb ! Please let me know if you need anything or have questions, or need a webconf to be introduced to our shared tools and processes.
Please note that there will be an interco meeting beginning of july in Bologna. That would be a great moment for you and croatian community to take part of the coorganization of this year event and meet the other community :slight_smile:


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Hello Zagreb!

Tomorrow we are launching the call to participate for Museomix 2018.
We have some urgent questions in order to finalize the online registration form.

  • Should the form be translated into Croatian, or is English sufficient?
  • What are your participation fees (how much do museomixers pay to participate)?
  • Do you need help creating your community page on If you are uncomfortable, I can help you, but I need documents (preferably in English) that showcase your community, your museum, the playgrounds, and so on.

Thanks a lot for your answers,

I wish you a good day,
Nina for Museomix Nord

Hello @MuseomixZagreb,

I’m wondering what happened at your Museomix? If I understand correctly this year you will not participate anymore…can you please share with the other communities what is going on? It’s a real domage…Maybe next year?
Thank you!

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Hi Ilaria, everything is fine, Museomix Zagreb will be announced in the following days. Best, Deborah

Dear Nina, here are our answers, thank you in advance:

  • Should the form be translated into Croatian, or is English sufficient?

English will be sufficient for the Museomix website, but we definitely plan to publish the call in Croatian on the Museum site and ours.

  • What are your participation fees (how much do Museomixers pay to participate)?

We won’t have participation fee, meaning it will free for participants.

  • Do you need help creating your community page on If you are uncomfortable, I can help you, but I need documents (preferably in English) that showcase your community, your museum, the playgrounds, and so on.

We have for now a short text and image, like you have on the main site for all other cities in 2018. Currently I’m trying to find on website how to publish them.

Best, D.

Hi Deborah (?),

My English is really bad to be able to explain the different procedures to follow.
It is not very complicated but there are still several stages.
I therefore allow you to be redirected to @lpalli and @samy who in addition to speaking English manages the website and the form.

For the form, we must see if it can be reactivated at home and for the language you have to give your own translation in Croatian so that Lucas (lpalli) can make the change of language.

For our common documents, some are in English but maybe not all …
At first, I suggest you use a plugin on your browser that automatically translates everything into English or Croatian and send me documents that interest you so that we can add them to the list of documents that require a translation.

Do you have access - Google Drive?
If this is not the case, give me your email address and I will add you :slight_smile:

That’s all for me !

Good luck, I’m very happy that the Museomix edition is taking place in Zagreb!

ps: all this text has been translated on google translate :wink:

@MuseomixZagreb do you want an access to Museomix website back-office ?

You will use the global form for the Croatian call for participants?

I can open it just for Zagreb but I need the translation of the texts and to know until when it must be open.
If you decide to use the global form I can send you the English texts to translate in Croatian.

For the website maybe @celia_cbo can help you, she know well how add communities, museums, …


Dear al,

Since none of us that have access to Museomix page are WordPress users, we didn’t update the page with information regarding Museomix Zagreb because we didn’t want to make a mess out of the page… I hope this won’t be much of a bother for you, but it would be great if one of you could update the Museomix page with the information provided in the attachment.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,

Museomix Zagreb

Merge creativity, technology, arts and science, you get Museomix Zagreb powered by Nikola Tesla. We will make, hack and create new possibilities for museum collections. Interact, play, tinker and prototype your own version of interventions into museum artefacts! Explore the body of the machines! Partake in the Museomix Zagreb!

The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, established in 1954 in Zagreb, follows in the tradition of the great science and technology museums of the world. Since 1958 it has occupied the protected wooden buildings designed by architect Marijan Haberle. The buildings were erected initially to house the Zagreb Fair.

In addition to the several thousand items on permanent display, the Museum has some 10,000 items in storage. Among them are objects of everyday use which are typical of the industrial era of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Museum invests a lot of effort into popularising science and technology. It organises lectures on science and technology, presentations and shows, presentations and lectures in the Planetarium, workshops and events such as the Science Festival, and other activities.

More information about the museum:

Radiona / Makerspace – Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture has been founded in order to enhance the visibility of makers’ open source culture and self sustainable production, as well as with an aim of connecting all possible fields of art, science and technology, more precisely STEAM fields (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Mathematics). The objective here is to create new realities of networked and collaborative intermedia and new media practices in line with DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others) cultures. focuses its activities on education, research processes, artistic projects, curatorial practices, residencies, international and domestic inter-sector collaborations, renewable systems and social awareness related issues.

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@samy Do you think you can do a few things with access codes?

@Marilyne or @lpalli Do you think you can help on the line, otherwise I would see to do that during my lunch break? It also seems to me that they need to create a new community on the site?

I can try to make some work this weekend but not early, I’m jus back at the office after 3 days of prof conf in Berlin and I’ve a lot of work…

I can create access credentials, but I think Layla is not very familiar to WordPress usage

I updated the website to create an English and a French version for the community page and Zagreb edition. I invited @MuseomixZagreb (Deborah) to the regular access we use for other community, please look in your “message” in your account up right in this page.

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Thank you Marilyne for updating the page! Sorry for replying a bit late, had some technical issues with my computer and logins.
Otherwise, everything is going according to plans in Zagreb.


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Hello @MuseomixZagreb :slight_smile:
we need to be more in touch with your community ! Can you please fill the file contacts :

Thank you !