Next interco 2019


(french below)

Hello everyone !

Museomix Normandy would like to welcome you for the next Interco Meeting !

Where : we don’t know exactly (Trouville-sur-Mer ? Caen ?) but we’ve got a lot of possibilities.
When : February or March 2019 ?

We also would like to propose a special topic for this meeting : take a time to talk about the “short” museomix : museosprint, mini museomix, labOmusée… And maybe find an agreement about the name and contents of this type of event.

What do you think about this ? Please like my message if you dream of coming in Normandy to see us :slight_smile:

Museomix Normandy

Salut tout le monde !
Museomix Normandie aimerait vous accueillir pour la prochaine rencontre interco !
Où : Trouville, Caen, ailleurs… on ne sait pas encore, mais on a plein de possibilités.
Quand : février ou mars 2019 ?

On voudrait aussi proposer une thématique précise pour cette rencontre : prendre un moment pour parler des formats courts : museosprint, mini museomix, labOmusée… Et peut-être se mettre d’accord sur le nom et les principes des ces événements.

Qu’en pensez-vous ? Allez allez, n’hésitez pas à “liker” mon message si vous rêvez de venir en Normandie nous voir :slight_smile:

Museomix Normandie


Nous, on contribue avec les coding gouters qui ont un déroulé très msx :wink: et un mix-kids pour fin 2019…


Super, de quoi alimenter la discussion sur les “formats courts”, qui inclue les formats “kids” et autres coding goûters ! Bref, tout ce que nos communautés organisent et qui ne sont pas strictement des “museomix” format 3 jours.


Excellent proposal @Margot !!! Lookking forward coming in Normandy ! I give the info to The Occitan community :slight_smile:
March or late february woul be great I guess !

Cheers !


@Margot Any news pour les dates ? ça file…



It will be on March, Saturday 16 in Caen.


La communauté MMX Normandie vous invite à une réunion interco le samedi 16 mars à Caen. Nous vous proposons d’aborder les formats alternatifs à Museomix (courts, enfants, autres lieux…). Nous sommes naturellement preneurs de toute suggestion pour enrichir les échanges. Si vous ne pouvez pas venir mais que vous souhaitez contribuer, envoyez-nous vos messages ici, par mail ou pigeon voyageur…
A bientôt

The MMX Normandy community invites you to an interco meeting on Saturday 16 March in Caen. We would like to talk about alternative formats to Museomix (short, kids, other places…). We are of course open to any suggestions to contribute to the exchanges. If you can’t come but want to contribute, send us your messages here, by email or carrier pigeon…
See you soon!


Hello !
We are looking for volunteers from other communities to build the program ! Please let us know if you are interested in.
We missed the last interco meeting in Bologna so we really need help to propose a relevant program.
Thank you !


I’m not yet sure to be able to be in Caen for the interco meeting, the travel from Switzerland is a little long by train and not ideal by plane (times and ecology).
But I can participate to build the program…


Hello !

You can know register for the next interco meeting in Caen, on the 16th & 17th march 2019.


Don’t forget to make every people from your community know about this invitation…

Looking forward to see all of you gathered in Caen :slight_smile:

Museomix Normandy


Hello every body

Sorry that I haven’t been so active I’m the community. We have been working in the administrative process to conclude Museomix 2018 and at the same time working to assure our participation in next edition.

I am very glad to announce you that we have just confirmed to receive some budget from the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador, so our community is totally in for this edition.

Museomix 2018 as our first experience was amazing. All participants and museums get really engaged and are still talking about the experience. We have developed a huge document describing the hole experience, and we are hoping to make a short printed publication about it.

So, as we are totally in for 2019, let’s start working on it.

I would like to participate in the interco, if possible through Skype.

Let me know, and I will be glad to keep in touch.

Maria-Gabriela Mena G.


Congratulations for 2019 !



Toutes les communautés souhaitant intervenir via skype sont évidemment les bienvenues!
Nous règlerons les détails techniques dès que le lieu exact de la réunion sera fixé.
Si vous avez des retours d’expériences sur les formats courts sous forme de vidéos ou powerpoint n’hésitez pas à nous les transmettre.

All communities wishing to participate via skype are of course welcome!
We will settle the technical details as soon as the exact location of the meeting is decided.
If you have any feedback about short formats on videos or powerpoint, please do not hesitate to send it to us.

See you soon!


Bonjour à tou.te.s,

Avec pas mal de retard :sleeping:, Museomix AuRA se met en ordre de bataille. Une ou deux personnes de chez nous seront présentes.
À dispo aussi pour bâtir le programme avec vous.

Museomix AuRA is slowly awakening :thinking: One or two of us wil attend the meeting in Caen. We are also ready to take part to the programme building.

See you soon !
Jean Pierre


Hello everybody and sorry for the silence from Italy! :sleeping:

We’re really in the middle of the organisation of 3 workshops to spread Museomix approach and the need to work with a local community in Emilia-Romagna territory. We’ve already done one in Parma, in CSAC, which is an visual arts archive, where probably there will be Museomix this year. We’re looking forward Rimini and Modena.
Finally we’re going to do a special workshop focused on the realisation of Museomix in an archive, during a huge event in Torino called Archivissima, but on the 15th April… so after this intercommunity.
So, I imagine not possible to physically be in Caen for our community, we’re quite busy and far away… maybe we could plan to be on Skype on Saturday afternoon, if it makes sense to you :slight_smile:

I personally appreciate the idea of focus on this subject because last interco in Bologna worked on interco organisation issues and generally speaking on the Museomix management… but I feel it hasn’t really lead to great results. So let’s try with a meeting about sharing of good practices.
I think it should be done with an hands-on approach and honestly bring us to “validate” different ways to do Museomix and make them really sharable.
Now I stop writing here and I directly go on the document.

Thank you!


Salut tout le monde !

Côté nord, plusieurs membres sont enthousiastes et on est en train de voir si on aurait le financement pour rembourser le trajet et / ou l’hébergement !
A mon grand regret (et en même temps non), on part en vacances avec Tristan ce jour-là et du coup Caen, les Alpes ça nous fait un sacré détour pas très confortable !
Néanmoins, si d’autres personnes du nord sont présentes ça nous permettra de suivre le fil à distance :slight_smile:

Hello everyone !

North side, several members are enthusiastic and we are seeing if we would have the financing to repay the trip and / or accommodation!To my regret (and at the same time no), we go on holiday with Tristan that day and suddenly Caen, the Alps it makes us a sacred detour not very comfortable!Nevertheless, if other people from the north are present it will allow us to follow the wire from a distance :slight_smile:

Nina for Museomix Nord


Hi everyone !

It’s good to hear from you all around the world, spreading Museomix’s word :innocent:
I’m currently involved in two mix-like events:

If you’re interested in knowing more about these upcoming events, I can be available on 16th or 17th March, not in Caen but by telepresence :robot: just let me know @Margot

Of course I will publish official infos as soon as possible on the Community board so anyone of us can apply and remix a refuge and/or the Mont Blanc itself :mountain_snow:



Hello !
don’t forget to register the forme if you can come ! For the accomodation, the members of Norman community can welcome you.
See you soon !

Salut !
N’oubliez pas de vous inscrire sur le formulaire ! Pour l’hébergement, les membres de la communauté normande peuvent vous accueillir.
à bientôt !



Hello !
If you can’t come but are available for a call, let’s inform us ! We can call you on saturday :

  • during the morning to talk about the 2018 edition and news from your community
  • during the afternon to talk about other formats (museosprint, kids, etc).

@Vassiliki is organising the calls.

See you !

/// Salut !
Si vous ne pouvez pas venir mais que vous êtes disponible pour un appel, dites-le nous ! On pourra vous appeler le samedi :

  • soit le matin pour le bilan de l’édition 2018 et des nouvelles de votre communauté
  • soit l’après-midi pour partager sur les autres formats (sprints, kids, autres remix…)

@Vassiliki organise les appels.

à bientôt

Museomix Normandie


Salut Margot,

Il semblerait pour le nord que vous aurez deux participants : @antoine.matrion et @JulietteDQKR

Bonne journée à toi et bon courage,
Nina pour Museomix Nord