Next Interco Meeting : 23-24 sept. in Brussels!

(en français ci-dessous)

Hello to all !

First, the belgian community would like to thank all the people involved in the organisation of the Museomix Summer Camp, it was a blast :slight_smile:

After a discussion with the local community here, we are very happy to announce you that we agreed on hosting the next interco meeting in Brussels on the 23rd & 24th of september !
Save the date !

We will work on it next week-end and come back to you on the help we need of other communities to make it work as smoothly as possible of course :). In the mean time, don’t hesitate to tell us already which subject you would like to discuss.

I am available for any questions of course :slight_smile:
See you really soon,
Charlotte for MuseomixBE

--------- (in english above) --------------

Bonjour à tous !

Tout d’abord, la communauté belge souhaite remercier vivement toutes les personnes impliquées dans l’organisation du Museomix Summer Camp, c’était top !

Après un discussion en interne, nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que nous nous sommes mis d’accord pour accueillir la prochaine réunion interco à Bruxelles les 23 et 24 septembres prochains !
Sauver la date donc :wink:

Nous allons travailler sur cette réunion le week-end prochain et vous reviendrons rapidement sur l’aide dont nous aurons besoin de la part des autres communautés afin de gérer cet interco de la meilleure manière possible :). En attendant, n’hésitez évidemment pas à déjà suggérer des sujets dont vous souhaitez discuter.

Je suis disponible pour toute question complémentaire,
A très (très) bientôt,
Charlotte pour MuseomixBE


Hello, Carlota
Great news, I congratulate the whole Belgian community.

I believe that unfortunately the Brazilian community can not be present, so I ask, reinforcing what was sad during the Summer Camp, that you think a way that the absent communities can participate as well. I think Sam suggested streaming from Facebook. Wiki was a good choice as well.

Take care!


Hi @Carlota !

Great news! Looking forward to come in Brussels!


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hello ! more than discuss, I think it will be good to organize workshops to prepare and create docs, files, plannings, to be used on the next museomix sessions… as I see there must be a problem with Irun and Innsbruck but I don’t know what is it, I think we need more and more have exchanges…
looking forward too !

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@CathBarra @Marcela-Bresil Duly noted, we’ll include those elements in our reflection of sunday and come back to you asap :slight_smile:

Hello !
Thanks to the Belgian Community for the invitation !

As we decided during the Museomix Summer Camp, there is a group of 4 volunteers working on the summary af these 3 days in Lyon and on a program for the next intercommunity event in Brussels :

  • Rosanna from Italia @Ros
  • Jean-Marc from Belgium @Jean-Marc
  • Jean-Pierre from Aura (France) @jean_pierre_girard
  • Margot from Normandy (France)
    If someone want to join us, come on ! We planned a call tomorrow at 16:30.

Of course Jean-Marc will connect our work with the reflexion of the Belgian community.

Have a nice day,

Museomix Normandy


Hello to all !

Sorry for my message who’s a bit later then promised :slight_smile:

So we worked a little on the newt interco meeting in Brussels !
We will take care of all the logistics of course (location, help for the housing, food for the lunches, program, etc.), we figured that for that part it’s hard to share the work if you’re not on location.

However, we do need help for the following points :

  • Communicating with the entire Museomix Community around the world to let them know what’s happening, encouraging them to come and/or participate online, forward the information
    @Marilyne I think you told me you were interested in doing this ?
  • Finding ways to include people who can’t travel to Brussels to participate one way or another (skype ? wiki ? What are the best solutions ?)
  • AND MOSTLY : construct togheter a program that will allow us to speak about the topics that YOU are insterested in :
    1. The elements we need to settle for the organisation of the event in November 2017
    2. The proposition of structure started during the Museomix Summer Camp and prepared by @Ros @Jean-Marc @jean_pierre_girard & @Margot
    3. Things you’ve always wanted to talk about but never had the time/chance to (ex. : budget, relations with museums, how to find coders, etc.)

You can find all documents related to the organisation of this interco meeting in the ‘Interco Drive’ > Interco Meetings > Brussels ( Among them :

  • a draft of a program (mainly how the days will be structured, how much time we’ll have during the week-end)
  • a list of to do’s which is so far more oriented on logistics but don’t hesitate to add things if you think about it
  • some visuals for communication

PLEASE FILL IN THE GOOGLE FORM to let us know that you’re coming so we can plan food, housing, location, guided tours, etc. !
Don’t hesitate to fill the couchsurfing file too, we’ll complete it with people who can host you as well :).

We’re excited to have you soon, to have your inputs on the program and the organisation !
We are available for any question of course :slight_smile:

See you soon, C
Charlotte (MuseomixBE)

P.S. : si une traduction française est nécessaire, faite moi signe, je me ferai un plaisir de la faire :slight_smile:


Hey @Carlota,

I think we will take the digital communication in charge with @Kwandika . I will update the website and use the new wiki for this next meeting.
For the people who can’t ne there, we can plan webconf channel as or framatalk, of even a periscope channel (we did it last year).

Looking forward to come :slight_smile:

Thank you !


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Hello everybody !
Thanks @Carlota and to the all Blegium community :slight_smile: I agree with Marilyne, we can take the digital communication, no problems. Because it’s holidays, maybe we can beging to communicate on it for the end of august / beginning of september ?
About the program, can we had a communication/mixroom workshop ? Just to present what we had working on during the summer and prepare the next edition, cause we won’t see each other between the next meeting and the next museomix edition.
Can’t wait !

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I agree with this schedule :slight_smile: @Kwandika

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I think that because it’s holiday maybe people has more time to think about Museomix…

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Thanks Charlotte,
sorry for the silence from Italy, we’re organizing to be in Brussels!
And I’ll soon read all the materials you’ve sent.


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Hello to all !

We have a few questions for you :slight_smile:
First we havn’t had many inscription forms so far :slight_smile: Could you please fill it in ? It’s important for us to know how many people we will be for logistics reasons.
So don’t hesitate to fill the form in and to share it inside of your community :

Second, we were wandering if you had time to work on the proposal of the way the intercommunity should work ? @Jean-Marc @Margot @Ros @jean_pierre_girard ?
We propose to start the meeting in september by presenting the final proposition, then identify the subjects we don’t all agree on (if they exist) and work in small workshops to find a common solution.
How would you feel about this ?

Btw, we’re still looking for some suggestions of topics to discuss during the meeting :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to welcome you :slight_smile:


Hi all! Sadly, the Spanish community can not make it to Brussels that weekend. We are working a lot to get to the first edition in Irun and we’ll happily check all the digital info shared during the weekend.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m going to publish an event on facebook, as the one which was done for the summercamp and communicate on twitter. Is it ok for everyone ?
@Carlota @Marilyne @LouStokart


Hi @Mariana, many thanks for informing us. Sad to hear you guys cannot attend, but we will make sure we update the Wiki.
All the best for the hard work :wink:

Hey Janaïne,
Yes, that would be great !

Hey, Thanks @Kwandika

I was just wondering who is the target audience for this event ? Is this just the community? Is it wider?
Are there some part of the meeting closed to the communities, and other that are opened as we did in Lyon?

Carlota, good work!
Unfortunately the Museomix MG community can not come to Brussels but we do wanna and need to participate on line, wiki and Skype are good idea. Maybe Facebook transmission too?!


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Hello to all :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kwandika ! But I get the question of @Marilyne, I think this interco is mainly for members of Museomix communities, except the aperomix that will be open to all.
So far we only have 3 non-belgian people that suscribed, do you have any news from other communities meaning to come over ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback !