Next Interco Meeting in Lille

Hi there !
It’s never too early to organize an important event !
So il already have some good news for our next interco meeting in Lille coming in the beginning of 2018.
I can confirm that we have a place for the meeting, now we must choose the date !
Do you prefer the weekend of the 17h of february or the 24th of frebruary !

Let me know that as quickly as possible !
Thank you !

cc @NinaDebail @tristan.hocquet


Hello !
Museomix Normandie organize a Museosprint in Rouen on the 17th of february, so we would prefer the 24th.

Thanks to the Museomix Nord community for welcominig the next Interco meeting !

Mmx Normandy

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Hello everybody,

I am delighted that we have volunteered for the next meeting, but be careful, it is surely a very “French” problem but February 24 begins the winter holidays.

Have a good day,
Nina for Museomix Nord

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for me the 24 Feb it’s better

Hello all,

Information given to the belgian community. I’m waiting for their reactions.

But, 17th or 24th, Belgium will be there anayway. :wink:

Jean-Marc for MuseomixBE

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Hello everybody,

We leave meeting and validated the date of the weekend of February 24th.

We send you a nice invitation soon :slight_smile:

How does this affect the content of the meeting?

See you soon
Nina for Museomix Nord


Please @Carlota @Jean-Marc @CathBarra @Fabrice_Denise1 @LouStokart @Kwandika @Margot @Sam_G @juliettegiraudpro @Marilyne @Mariana @Ros are you still interested by the organization of our next interco meeting in Lille the 24th of ferbuary ? Please anwer quickly as we already began the organization stuff here !


For us that weekend is not possible. we will be with eyes and ears opened !Thanks

hello Antoine et tout le monde,
je ne suis pas du tout sûre de pouvoir venir, car c’est le week-end du milieu des vacances scolaires pour la zone C… je vous donne une réponse dès que j’en sais un peu plus sur ma propre organisation familiale…
I’m not sure I could attend the meeting, because it will be the mid week-end of the winter school holidays :frowning: I will answer the question ASAP…


Hi Antoine!
I’m still interested, of course!

I was studying how to reach Lille and we should know asap exactly the timings of the Interco meeting, otherwise it becomes very expensive to us.
If you guys have any suggestions, plese tell us. The best is arriving in Bruxelles and then taking the train, correct?

Have a nice week,

We have a small international airport in Lille-Lesquin with cheap connexions with italy !

Thanks! Let us know timings of the meeting :wink:

Hello !
Yes, still interested ! Do you need help with the program or anything else ?

When will be the meeting exactly ? Can we plan to arrive on the friday evening and leave on the sunday afternoon ? Thanks for your answer so we can buy our tickets before it is too expensive !

Can the “people from the North” host us for sleeping or should we find an hotel ?

Museomix Normandy

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Yes I’m still interested ! And so is Museomix Occitanie community :slight_smile:

I created a page on the wiki if you wanna share info

Hello !
Can we invite to this meeting the people from the museums we will remix in 2018 ?
Or maybe there could be an other meeting dedicated to the organisation of museomix 2018 later, and then the museums will be welcome ?
Thank you for your answers !


Fr : Est-ce qu’on peut inviter les gens des musées remixés en 2018 ? Ou bien est-ce qu’il y aura une autre rencontre plus tard dédiée à l’organisation de museomix 2018 où ils seront les bienvenus ? Merci de vos réponses !

I can’t be present in Lille but I’ll be able to have a call conf. in the week-end if it can help to anything.

Hi everybody

On the model of Brussels, Antoine takes care of the logistics of the next interco but we would like to know:

What about the program?
Who manages ?

Nina for Museomix Nord

To everybody,
We are still looking for a place to organize the event. But, as soon as we have one, we promise you ton confirm it.

Ok, but we should buy planes! we’d like to know if it will be on

  • sat morning
  • sat afternoon
  • sun morning
  • sun afternoon
    Thanks in advance!