Next Interco Meeting in Lille

Hi everybody,

I am pleased to confirm that Msx AuRA will be present with at least 1 representative, maybe more. I will also comment and detail the decision the founders have taken to help us, financially and legally, to create a really inclusive and autonomous organisation.
Fine to see you again soon !

Jean Pierre

Even if we have some difficulties to find a place to organize this event, i have the pleasure to confirm that the event will take place during the week-end of the 24th and 25th of february.
cc @tristan.hocquet


Hi everybody,
after having bought planes to come to Lille I need us to have a consistent programme for this interco meeting.
I’m available to plan a skypecall (preferably on evenings) in order to discuss the main needs.

I feel we should effettively work for a while altogether in Lille, to avoid emptiness of discussions we’ve already deepen in Lyon and Brussel.

Who’s in?

As local organizers we are now more focused on logistical ozganisation than about the contents of the working sessions. Maybe some persons here could work on that ? @Ros @jean_pierre_girard @Margot @Marilyne @Carlota ?

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@antoine.matrion ok, we’ll try… but let us know timings & if there is the opportunity to be hosted in Lille.

@antoine.matrion where is the place for the meeting exactly? thanks

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Yes we can ! I agree with Rosanna : we need the pratic informations (when can we meet ? Where ?). Can you host us for sleeping or do we need to find an hostel ?

On a vraiment besoin des infos pratiques pour s’organiser et organiser le programme ! Où et quand va-t-on se réunir ? Les horaires peuvent dépendre du lieu où nous sommes, donc il faut que vous nous informiez des contraintes. Et est-ce que vous pouvez nous héberger ou faut-il qu’on réserve un hôtel ?

Merci !


I also bought the plane (arrival on Friday afternoon and departure on Sunday) but I need some more information :

  • where and when we will meet us?
  • there are some accommodations for the 2 nights I’ll be there or I must fund an hotel?


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@lpalli did you mean departure on Sunday?

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I’m arriving at the train station on Saturday morning at about 10 am, then I have a plane from Bruxelles on Sunday at 9 pm.

Thanks, it was a mistake!
“My plane” land Friday 23 at 15:30 and lift off Sunday 25 at 16:00!


I created a folder in the common drive:

I already copied and updated the couchsurfing sheet and form, please @antoine.matrion @NinaDebail have a look?

I also did a draft for scheduling and putting subjects on, @Ros @Margot @jean_pierre_girard and other for scheduling, when would you be available for a call?

Maybe we can first see the subjects pending from last meeting, and the subjects important for 2018 ? Maybe also each community can do a feedback for MSX 2017 ?

Thanks !



thanks marilyne! :slight_smile:

the first thing is to retrieve Bruxelles report, maybe we copy it in that folder?

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Good idea to start the new meeting from the conclusions of the last one…
A “secret” feature (Shift+Z) on Google Drive can be used to share a document in different folders has I do for the “Interco Meeting September 2017 Brussels - Conclusions of the week-end” document, now the same document is accessible from the new “Lille Feb” folder and the original “20170917_Brussels_Interco_Meeting” folder :wink:


@Marilyne @Margot @lpalli @jean_pierre_girard @Jean-Marc
for the skypecall I’ve talked with @Carlota who’s not able anymore to enter here in community (maybe we need @samy help for this) and we’ve agreed on 2 possible dates:

  • Sunday 11th afternoon (I think late afternoon, like 5 pm)
  • Monday 12th at 3 pm

Your availability? Let’s fix it :wink:

Bonjour à tous,
Both Sunday & Monday are good for me, but I would much prefer Monday at 3pm.
I didn’t have time until now to take a look to the papers, I’ll do it during the WE.
We should save a little bit of time [± 1/4 h] for summarizing the concrete (financial and legal) help french Msx (ex-so called “global”) will afford to InterCo.
Have a nice day !

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@antoine.matrion To clarify accomodation questions, could you please confirm that the meeting will take place in Lille (or surroundings) and not in Douai or in some other distant place ?
Thanks, have a nice day

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Yes in can confirm it will take place in Lille or surroundings !


Our general meeting taking place this Saturday, February 10, we will see that they are the most practical solutions for the meeting.

We are also looking for an Air Bnb accommodation with lots of places to stay together and you can divide the price per person to make it cheaper than the hotel.

For that, I need to know how many people need a home (see doc courchsurfing).

We will keep you informed as soon as possible,


thanks @NinaDebail, I’ve just requested the access to edit the file :slight_smile:

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