Next Interco Meeting in Lille


@Margot @lpalli @Marilyne @Jean-Marc? let’s decide it!


I’m not sure to be able to participate on Monday, I’ll try if you choose it…


So let’s say tomorrow at 5 pm. ok? @lpalli @Margot @jean_pierre_girard @Marilyne


Hey, ok for me for sunday at 5 pm. I have a meeting on monday afternoon…


Can we do the conf with skype ? or ? >


I vote for :), I’m hating skype more & more…

à demain :wink:

#47 is a good solution but the free version is limited to 4 participants and probably we are 5 :frowning:
I don’t like Skype but we can use it, Google Hangout is an alternative too (@Marilyne I send you my identifiers in a private message).


otherwise jitsi


ok let’s try jitsi then


I think it’s not working in this very moment :roll_eyes::sweat:


Hello everybody,

it would be cool if everyone fills out the Google form available on Google Drive in connection with the interco Lille.

Juliette (MsxNord) will take care of the logistics aspect meals / accommodation etc. but it seems to me that it does not count here, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have a special diet etc. (or to specify it in google drive).

I can not wait to read the progress of the program!

see you soon,


That’s the right link to fill in


A small question :

Do you know through your communities who will be present in addition to those who already participate in this topic?

If we plan workshops etc. but that we are in very small numbers, not sure that we manage to treat all the necessary subjects for the next edition :confused:

@Ros / @Marilyne / @Carlota / @lpalli / @jean_pierre_girard / @Jean-Marc / @Margot / @samy / @CathBarra / @Fabrice_Denise1 / @LouStokart / @Kwandika / @Sam_G / @Mariana


Hi @juliettegiraudpro and thanks: is it possible for you to be available on Saturday afternoon?
Which are the news/topics you can bring us?


Hello ! Sorry I was not available this week-end and did not even look at my e-mails…
I’ve seen the doc subjects/schedule : thanks for this work !
I can facilitate some moments, I’ve written my name in the doc (but of course you can change it, this is just a proposition).



I’m pleased to announce you that we have a place for our meeting ! All our sessions will take place in the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille which is one of the finest museum of the city. Also, it has the advantage to be in the center of the city close to the main train station. The sunday afternoon we will enjoy a special visit of the museum around the numeric technologies used in it. Thanks everyone for your patience and your enthusiasm !


hello @NinaDebail @antoine.matrion @tristan.hocquet et les autres, à mon grand regret, et comme je le craignais, je ne serai pas des vôtres pour cette interCo… :disappointed_relieved: J’ai lancé un appel sur fb à la communauté IDF, on ne sait jamais, parmi les muséomixeurs/ses de l’an dernier, ou certains membres actifs, qui sait ?..
on trouve quelque part l’ordre du jour ? pour y noter des idées, des remarques…
bises à toutes et tous,
à bientôt j’espère, quand même…
bonne rencontre !

Hello everyone, I won’t be able to attend the InterCo meeting in Lille… :cry: Maybe there will be other one(s) from MSXIDF (who knows…)
I’d like to read the agenda, and maybe add ideas, questions…
hope to see you soon anyway !
happy meeting !



Bonjour Catherine,

Toutes les informations se trouvent dans ce dossier google drive :slight_smile:

@Pierre es-tu disponible ?



Merci Nina ! :slight_smile: J’ai envoyé un mail aux membres les plus actifs de la communauté : suivant les réponses, je ferai un appel plus large…



Hi everybody

We have created a facebook event for the aperomix, do not hesitate to indicate your participation if you make us the pleasure to meet us in Lille for the interco !

:sunny: Nina for Museomix Nord :sunny: