Next Interco Meeting in Lille


Hello everybody !

Attention, we had confirmation that the reception of the interco at the museums of fine arts will be possible on Sundays only until 12h.

It is therefore necessary to adjust the schedule of topics so that Sunday ends at 12h.

We propose to prioritize the feedback of experience 2017 / museomix 2018 by placing it on Saturday, and to cut in half the intercommunity side which is less pressing than the aspect financing 2018 and call to museum.

The conclusion being that in Brussels (it was cool :)), the exchange of experience was very short and yet very rich in content!

Leave to meet again (with us if you want) in a few months to continue working on the inter community.

@Ros - @antoine.matrion - @Jean-Marc - @lpalli - @lpalli - @celia_cbo - @Margot - @Carlota

Nina for Museomix Nord


Hi, all !

Any news about couchsurfing ? or some shared accomodation ?

Thanks for any answer,


Hey guys from North & South America :earth_americas: in QC, MX and BR
@RachelBSL @verob @etiennerichard @anniechenier @paula_grg @priscila @lauramaringoni @viniciussenra are you joining us on Saturday? We are about 20 people from several Museomix communities to gather this weekend in Lille (France) to share and organize the upcoming edition!

All informations in this online folder

Please feel freeeee to submit subjects to talk about or questions or anything you want!
We’d be glad to see you :hugs:


Bonjour Célia,

Malheureusement, la communauté de Québec n’y sera pas présente. On vous envoie tout de même la main de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique.

Pour information, Véronique ne fait plus parti de l’organisation (je le mentionne surtout pour qu’elle ne soit pas dérangée par les notifications). Amusez-vous bien! :slight_smile:



Bonjour !
nous n’avons pas d’hébergement partagé, les places de couchsurfing sont plutôt rares. Voici deux pistes pour vous loger pas trop loin pas trop cher :

Le rendez-vous est fixé le samedi 24 février à 9h au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille.
Pour ceux qui auraient des questions liées aux repas, transport et hébergement, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.
Pour ceux qui arriveraient plus tôt (la veille), merci de nous indiquer votre heure et lieu d’arrivée. (je ne peux répondre que le soir)
Merci beaucoup !
À très vite !
Juliette (co-référente bien-être et survie des participants)

We have no shared accommodation, couchsurfing places are quite rare. Here are two ideas to accommodate you not too far not too expensively:

The meeting is on Saturday February 24th at 9 am to the “Palais des Beaux-Arts” / « Palace of the Fine Arts » of Lille.
For those who would have questions about meals, transport and accommodation, do not hesitate to contact me.
For those who would arrive earlier (on Friday), thank you for indicating us your hour and place of arrival. (I can answer only in the evening)
Thank you very much!
See you soon!


Bonjour tout le monde,

Le musée aimerait créer des badges pour chacun des participants pour des questions de confort et de sécurité.

Pour se faire, il faut que je transmette la liste des participants.
Je me permets donc d’indiquer ici les gens qui ont rempli le formulaire google ou qui sont indiqué comme présents dans ce tableau.

Luca Palli / suisse
Jean Pierre Girard (aura)
Célia Bonnet-Ligeon (aura)
Marilyne Barisic (toulouse)
Rosanna Spanò (it)
Tristan Hocquet (nord)
Charlotte (be)
Sam (be)
Jean-Marc Lemage (be)
Margot (normandie)
Antoine Matrion (nord)
Guillame Thibaulton (nord)
Emilie Blondeau (nord)
Nina Debail (nord)
Jean-François Cauche (nord)
Juliette Dequéker (Nord)
Cecile Deruy (nord)
Christopher (nord)
Sarah Perrier (nord)
Nicolas Bremard (nord)

Il y a t’il d’autres personnes ?

Merci de m’en faire part au plus vite :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

The museum would like to create badges for each participant for comfort and safety issues.

To do that, I have to send the list of participants.
I would therefore like to indicate here the people who filled out the google form or who are indicated as present in this table.

Luca Palli / suisse
Jean Pierre Girard (aura)
Célia Bonnet-Ligeon (aura)
Marilyne Barisic (toulouse)
Rosanna Spanò (it)
Tristan Hocquet (nord)
Charlotte (be)
Sam (be)
Jean-Marc Lemage (be)
Margot (normandie)
Antoine Matrion (nord)
Guillame Thibaulton (nord)
Emilie Blondeau (nord)
Nina Debail (nord)
Jean-François Cauche (nord)
Juliette Dequéker (Nord)
Cecile Deruy (nord)
Christopher (nord)
Sarah Perrier (nord)
Nicolas Bremard (nord)

Are there other people?

Thanks for letting me know as soon as possible :slight_smile:


@Ros / @Marilyne / @Carlota / @lpalli / @jean_pierre_girard / @Jean-Marc / @Margot / @samy / @CathBarra / @Fabrice_Denise1 / @LouStokart / @Kwandika / @Sam_G / @Mariana



I’m Gabriela from the Ecuadorian community. We are joining Museomix for the first time and I will be attending the meeting.

Please let me know any technical detail about virtual connection for Saturday.

See you soon!!!


Hi, community!
I would love to be with you all, but it will not be possible, unfortunately!
We’ll be following the meeting here from Brazil! :wink:


A tout le monde, message très important ! L’accueil au Palais des Beaux-Arts débutera à 9h30, et l’entrée se fera par la rue de Valmy qui n’est pas l’entrée principale du musée !

Very important message : finally, the welcome session will begin at 9h30 in the Palais des Beaux Arts. You must take the entrance in the rue de Valmy which is not the main entrance of the museum !

@Marilyne @Margot @lpalli @Ros @jean_pierre_girard @celia_cbo @Carlota @Jean-Marc @Sam.Donvil
cc @NinaDebail


Hello ! We are gathered in the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille ! If you want to read and participate to our discussions, you can follow our notes on the WIKI INTERCO LILLE 2018 !

And you can also participate here, on this discussion thread.

Margot / Museomix Normandie


THANK YOU MUSEOMIX NORD for the intercommunity meeting!!! :yellow_heart:

You will find in Google Drive > MUSEOMIX > MUSEOMIX 2018 > TASKS & PEOPLE 2018 EDITION MUSEOMIX

Please add your name in 1 or several tasks
Feel free to add rows as well

@Ros @NinaDebail @Marilyne @jean_pierre_girard @Sam.Donvil @Carlota @lpalli @Margot @antoine.matrion @CathBarra


thank you @celia_cbo,
I’m going to see in depth this precious job in the next hours.

maybe for the sake of new organisation of the Community tool it would be better to move the discussion in a new thread under Interco category. What do you think? (@Margot)



Reminder for the upcoming tasks:

  • Tutorials: how to use the website @Marilyne + @Ros + @celia_cbo
  • Videos selection @Ros + someone ?
  • Translate contents (IT / EN / …) @lpalli + @Ros
  • Embed newsfeed @museomix on homepage @lpalli + @Marilyne DONE!
  • Embed newsfeed of a community on its page > someone?
  • Solve the multilinguism issue (prototypes search engonine) @lpalli ?
  • Organize main menu and pages of the wiki @celia_cbo + @Christopher + ?
  • Translate in EN the page about profiles on the wiki > someone ?
  • Rewrite Wikipedia page ENG + prep Wiki Commons structure > invite communities to translate > blogpost Medium > MSX 10 yrs anniversary publication @Sam.Donvil
  • 2018 schedule @tristan.hocquet + someone ?
  • Clear the operational functioning of interco @Margot + someone ?
  • Organize Community categories @Margot + someone ?
  • Adapt Google Drive : organize the tool for distant work @Margot + @Ros
  • The budget thing @jean_pierre_girard
  • Add a contact form (for museums and participants) @samy + ?
  • Update communication tools for 2018 @Christopher + someone ?
  • Update the /actus page 2017 > 2018 > someone ?
  • Update @museomix page with launching @Kwandika ?
  • Be sure to have 1 contact / community @Margot + @samy
  • Check that all museums have completed their application > someone ?
  • Museums application : spreadsheet reading > all communities !

All the tasks are here:

STEP POINT: 1st April ???

Feel free to add tasks or take tasks you would like to be part of.