NEXT Online INTERCO: May 31st, 19.00 (PARIS)

Dear Communities,
the Italian community has thought that it would be great to set up an informal meeting between the communities around the globe in order to have a conversation about this crazy year, about Museomix in the future and, of course, for Christmas greetings :christmas_tree:!

So, we would like to invite you to participate at the online meeting on Wednesday 16th December at 18.00, we hope to see you all :partying_face:

Next weeks we will send you by email the room’s link for the meeting, so these days check the community address out sometimes (but I will also paste it here in this topic).

For any kind of question, please don’t hesitate to write us back!



Chères communautés,
les italiens ont pensé que ce serait super d’organiser une réunion informelle entre toutes les communautés du monde pour avoir une conversation sur cette année délirant, sur Museomix dans l’avenir et, bien sûr, pour les voeux de Noël :christmas_tree: !

Nous aimerions donc vous inviter à la réunion en ligne du mercredi 16 décembre à 18h00 heures, en espérant vous voir tous :partying_face:

Les semaines prochaines, on vous enverra par courrier le lien pour la réunion, alors dans les jours prochaines, vérifiez SVP l’adresse du votre communauté (mais je vais également le coller ici dans cette topic).

Pour touts questions, n’hésitez pas à nous écrire!




Dear Anna, How great ! :christmas_tree:


Glad to read that :star_struck: @Annemarchis which community are you part of?

Très bonne initiative !
Je vais participer et probablement aussi quelques autres membres de Museomix CH (Suisse).

I’ll participate and probably also some others from Museomix CH (Switzerland).


Bonjour a tous!

Here the zoom link >>

We send you an email on the community address, have a look :wink:

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I bring my support to the global mixroom from time to time. :upside_down_face:

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Hey, I will be there with some other people from Museomix Paris :slight_smile:

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First of all the Italian Community would thank all attendees, it was an inspiring conversation and full of suggestions for keeping the inter-community work useful and great as Museomix style.

For people who wants to being update about the meeting here some notes that we took during the conversation.

We pointed out that there some issues to discuss and to decide for making Museomix even more suitable for institutions that want to approach to Museomix process during the pandemic universe and for that reason we thought to have monthly virtual meeting in order to involve the largest amount of communities and to have a long lasting dialogue between us.

So next meeting will be 27 January 2021 at 19.00 (Rome) :star_struck:

Next days I will send the zoom link

Cheers and happy Holidays :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :dizzy: :dizzy:


Hello there! :hugs:

Here the Zoom-room link for next Online Museomix Interco:

See ya next week!


Here we are with the next date for the monthly Interco meeting: 24 February 2021 at 19(Rome)

If you want to follow how the work is going we kept writing on the same document of last meeting (in order to have all infos in one doc instead of having 1000 of them)

In the next days we will begin other discussion thread here on Community platform to discuss specific topic.

Cheers and see us on Feb :star_struck: :dizzy:

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Hi everybody!
here the Zoom link for next Interco meeting:



Hi everyone! Hope to find you well :hugs:

As every month here attached the Zoom link for next Online Interco on Wednesday March 24th

Launch Meeting - Zoom

Baci :kissing_heart:


Hi Anna,

What is the date for April ? Thank you, hope you are well !

Estelle, Museomix Normandie

Hi Estelle! Hi everyone!
I am soooo sorry, I forgot to update the thread and to communicate next meeting!! Forgive me!! :cry:

NEXT INTERCO ONLINE MEETING: WEDNESDAY 28th :partying_face: :partying_face: :exploding_head:

Sorry guys, I will soon share with you the zoom link :pray: :pray:

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Et voilĂ !

Launch Meeting - Zoom

See you wednesday at 7pm(Rome) in the ether :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :rocket: :rocket:

Hello everyone !
I hope you’re doing well,

I’m sorry i couldn’t make it lately :cry: but i’m back in the game now ! :muscle:
Muséomix Alsace as almost find a museum (we chose thursday yeay !) !

Have you already settle a date for the next Interco ?

See you soon !


The next INTERCO meeting is planed on May 26th at 19:00.

I’ll write here on the next days to organize the call for participants for the 2021 Museomix events like in the last years.


Hi guys!
here we are with the usual communications
As @lpalli said, next INTERCO will be held

WEDNESDAY MAY 26TH AT 19.00 (ROME) :exploding_head: :rocket:

here the room

and the google doc with some notes of previous meetings :ok_man: :dizzy:

baci e abbracci


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We have an INTERCO meeting this evening?
@AnnaWarri or @Ros you can provide the zoom link?


Hi Luca, hi everyone :slight_smile: summer has come and everything starts all of a sudden, we lost some pieces on the way, forgive us :pray:
Tonight we’ll move on google meet, heres the link >

See us later :rocket: