Next/Prochaine INTERCO?

Anatole from the Alsace community suggest on Discord an INTERCO meeting to fix 2023 Musemix dates and discuss on other topics.

The proposed dates and hours are:

  • 09.02.2023 at 19:00
  • 16.02.2023 at 19:00
    What do you prefer?

See you soon,

Anatole de la communauté Alsace a proposé sur Discord une réunion INTERCO pour fixer les dates de Musemix 2023 et discuter d’autres sujets.

Les dates et heures proposées sont:

  • 09.02.2023 à 19:00
  • 16.02.2023 à 19:00
    Que préférez-vous ?

À bientôt,

A priori, nous nous dirigeons plutôt vers la date du 16.02.2023 à 19h en visio !

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@Ros @AnnaWarri @Jean-Marc @Kwandika

Ciao a tutti,

I hope you are fine ; may 2023 be a marvellous year for all of you !
As you can see here, some French communities proposed to organise a first 2023 InterCo meeting (visiocall) on next 16th February at 19:00.

We would be pleased to have you in (at least one of you) !
Please answer to Anatole (@AnatoleB ) if you can join us so that he could send the visiolink to you.

Jean Pierre (Msx AuRA)


Visioconférence Museomix InterCo
Sujet : Museomix InterCo
Heure : 16 févr. 2023 07:00 PM Paris

Participer à la réunion Zoom

ID de réunion : 990 8929 6784
Code secret : 4SQ70m

Participer à l’aide d’un protocole SIP

Participer à l’aide d’un protocole H.323 (Amsterdam Pays-Bas) (Allemagne)
Code secret : 163274
ID de réunion : 990 8929 6784

Hope to see you there !
Jean Pierre

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The last InterCo meeting decided to organize a special visiocall session dedicated to the organization of a SummerCamp in 2023 (or at last in Spring 2024).

The date of 29th March has been collectively chosen for our special visiocall dedicated to discuss the SummerCamp.

Please find herein the informations about that meeting :
Heure : 29 mars 2023 07:00 PM (Paris time)

Meeting ID : 925 2061 6387
Secret Code : R7Ycs9

Hope to see all your communities present in the meeting !
Bonne journée,

Jean Pierre

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For some of you is a last moment invitation, sorry for that. If you are available, join us in the meeting tonight to talk about Summer camp.
The community Ile de France, will love to meet you all !

INTERCO Summer Camp
Mardi, 30 mai · 8:00 à 9:00pm
Fuseau horaire : Europe/Paris
Informations de connexion Google Meet
Lien de l’appel vidéo :